Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Tag: democracy

A five-alarm emergency for democracy

The GOP’s voter suppression laws are working. They need to be stopped before more states adopt them.

How we stop a gerrymandering catastrophe

Our best shot at saving our democracy is right now. It’s time to act.

It’s time to take inspiration from Ukraine and double down on...

We can do far more to support pro-democracy activists and movements.

When billionaires don’t pay taxes, people ‘lose faith in democracy’

The rich can live lavishly by employing a technique known as “Buy, Borrow, Die,” in which they buy or build assets, borrow against them and then avoid estate and gift taxes when they die.

How does the majority rule without a functional majority? Or defeat...

Majority rule is both a rational philosophy, honoring the universality of human dignity, plus the core western political value for decision-making.

From the kingpins of private equity, a new dagger to democracy

Profit maximizing in the newspaper industry is corroding the knowledge base that sustains government by the people.

Should we disrupt the Democratic Party or try to take it...

“There are all sorts of things that have to be done in electoral politics, but movements have a distinctive contribution to make in order to create substantial democracy.”

Should fighting for democracy take priority over building powerful social movements?

Activists throughout history have put social movement work on hold for the electoral arena.

US democracy faces gravest danger

Unless the Republicans and Democrats put the nation above their party and personal interests, our democracy will face the gravest danger in...

Staying hopeful in turbulent times

Which is why we have to keep up the fight even when feeling deeply discouraged.


Australia becomes first country to approve psychedelics as form of medicine

Australia is reclassifying them as “controlled substances” and making them available for use in managed medical settings.

Congress has been captured by the arms industry

And what a price to pay!

How Indigenous land management practices are a blueprint for climate-resilient agriculture

As a rapidly warming world strains at the shortcomings in industrial farming, key lessons can be taken from Indigenous practices.

We don’t have to choose between nuclear madmen

We can make a difference -- maybe even the difference -- to avert global nuclear annihilation.

What connects Trump’s likely arrest with the bank bailouts?

Let's start with multi-billionaire Peter Thiel, and follow the money.