Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Tag: democracy

From the kingpins of private equity, a new dagger to democracy

Profit maximizing in the newspaper industry is corroding the knowledge base that sustains government by the people.

Should we disrupt the Democratic Party or try to take it...

“There are all sorts of things that have to be done in electoral politics, but movements have a distinctive contribution to make in order to create substantial democracy.”

Should fighting for democracy take priority over building powerful social movements?

Activists throughout history have put social movement work on hold for the electoral arena.

US democracy faces gravest danger

Unless the Republicans and Democrats put the nation above their party and personal interests, our democracy will face the gravest danger in...

Staying hopeful in turbulent times

Which is why we have to keep up the fight even when feeling deeply discouraged.

America’s struggle at home

In the first year since the end of the Trump administration, the United States is still in the throes of a struggle to overcome decades of political corruption and social neglect.

Biden’s ‘Summit for Democracy’ is a vile circus for new Cold...

The biggest enemy of the basic democratic rights is the U.S. government—and yet we have this Biden conference declaring support for democracy.

Against plutocrats, platitudes — about democracy — will always be pitiful

The Biden administration’s democracy initiative is missing the all-important inequality connection.

Despite Trump abuses, 208 House Republicans vote against bill to ensure...

"It's time for lawmakers of both parties in the Senate to take up the mantle and swiftly pass the Protecting Our Democracy Act. The integrity of our country's most powerful office is at stake."

In first, US labeled ‘backsliding’ democracy as global authoritarianism grows

A new report calls the rejection of the 2020 election results by many in the Republican Party as an “historic turning point” for the United States.


When will US join global call to end Ukraine War?

There are many peace initiatives to end the war in Ukraine being pursued by leaders and countries around the world as the United States clings to its dogged determination to prolong the war at great cost in Ukrainian lives and at the risk of nuclear war.

The wars we don’t (care to) see

It couldn’t be more important to make America’s disastrous wars of this century more visible.

A global plastics treaty can end the Age of Plastic

This indigenous worldview can lead treaty negotiations, creating systems that are less demanding of our planet and value nature over profit.

If pushing pardons for savage Jan. 6 seditionists isn’t unpardonable, what is?

Abusive pardons of the most serious crimes represent the great terrorist threat to self-government.

Climate activists decry pipeline ‘deal with the devil’ at protest outside Schumer’s home

"It's time to stop building fossil fuel infrastructure and that means no more pipelines. Chuck, stop appeasing Manchin!"