Saturday, September 23, 2023

Biden is the latest president to tout the Vietnam War as proud history

Efforts to portray the U.S. government’s military actions as well-meaning and virtuous are incessant. The pretenses that falsify the past are foreshadowing excuses for future warfare.

The climate march, Joe Biden, and AOC’s dubious endorsement

Jeff Cohen discusses the inspiring march and AOC’s rousing speech at the rally—but ends with respectful questions about AOC’s orientation toward Biden and her endorsement of his re-election.

Confessions of a besieged Trumper

Only patriots with righteous causes/ Defy bad laws, like daring outlaws.

Trump’s ever more bonkers alibi charade parade to escape jail 

"Maybe, just maybe, before I die I will admit the real truth: the Devil made me do it.”

Why is Kaiser Permanente engaging in corporate Kabuki?

Ahead of a potentially historic strike, a major nonprofit health care provider seems to be choosing corporate values over worker rights—and by extension, patient care.

What’s with the Biden age mania? Life counts. Do youth fetishes guarantee better presidents?

America early on was where nutcase Spanish explorers first sought the Fountain of Youth. Instead, what counts is the Fountain of Age as both attainable and infinitely more valuable.

A promising new project to organize humanity’s universal heritage

An international group of researchers and data scientists are creating a comprehensive database of the world’s archaeological knowledge—and changing our understanding of humans’ prehistoric heritage.

Potential auto strike is a key fight for establishing a people’s economy

Meeting UAW’s demands would be a win-win for the climate and for workers’ rights. So, what’s stopping the Big Three from acquiescing?

Economic growth in G7 versus BRICS: a reality check

Like rose-colored glasses, anti-systemic glasses make economic problems appear less dangerous, narrower, and more limited in effects than they actually are.

How union workers are fighting for a life outside of the mill

A bill would limit mandatory overtime to no more than two hours per day and require employers to provide a week’s notice before mandating extra hours or changing a worker’s schedule.