Saturday, January 16, 2021

Trump and his key enablers

Is the Trump nightmare finally ending?

QAnon pop quiz: How to rank American Presidents

There are no trick questions. The same does not go for the answers.

Sedition caucus mimics Trump’s worst sin: Demolition of content—legal, moral, democratic or electoral

The party of primitive deplorables, thinking it too could play with fire, is facing an outraged majority. Too bad it took so long.

How workers and management at one company teamed up to fight the pandemic

PCI and Local 286 recognized early on the importance of protecting workers from the virus and preparing for a possible role in distributing vaccines.

None dare call it treason

What, pray tell, did Roger Marshall manage to do in so short a time?

The worst president

“On Jan. 20, we can still presume Trump will be gone from the White House.”

The collective shame of global hunger

An estimated 700 million people go hungry every day.

The short, scary MAGA cosplay ‘revolution’

Without consequences for those who encouraged what happened on Wednesday, up to and including the outgoing president, such lawlessness could become a normal feature of American political life.

The good, the bad and the ugly: Medical heroes, anti-maskers, and rotten politicians

We know who the Good are, they are exemplary, the very best of Americans. We know that the bad and ugly are personified by one Donald. J. Trump, someone who bends or breaks any law that stands in his way.

Scenario: Trump resigns after extorting pardons – deluded he’ll fend off recrimination and penalties

Many voices must apply maximum pressure, but it’s no slam dunk that anything overcomes Trump’s impenetrable defenses.