Tuesday, February 25, 2020

What will happen to Bernie?

“Make no mistake—in a world where Sanders falls short of the majority of delegates, he will have the nomination stolen from him again.”

Impeached: Notes on the travesty that passed for a trial

The word “outrageous” comes to mind.

Is there homelessness in our future?

The only solution to homelessness is a combination of providing for more low cost housing and boosting income.

Driving the Trump rampage: Making the unacceptable acceptable

In Trump's crooked model, only total power allows an autocrat to achieve the highest goal: make what was before unacceptable seem acceptable, staunch public resistance by damned.

Afghan troops say Taliban are brothers and war is ‘not really our fight.’

Afghan troops whose lives hang in the balance in the latest peace talks.

Insurers should support people, not the fossil fuel industry

We paid for hundreds of thousands in coverage and are legally owed, but our insurer refuses to pay us.

How to beat Trump

As the primary season goes on, and if there is no clear winner emerging, the voters are going to want to see the Democrats emerge as an organized group, and not a warring faction.

To quit or not to acquit, that was the question

It is, of course, the day the Republican majority in the U.S Senate decided to quit the Constitution rather than not to acquit a tyrannical president.

Trump is a brazen liar about Social Security

If Trump is re-elected, supporters of Social Security will be in for the fight of our lives.

In the face of big environmental challenges, our everyday actions are part of the...

David Wallace-Wells’s new book on climate change offers a powerful warning, but misses the mark on the importance of small, individual efforts.