Friday, August 17, 2018

Addressing redeemable Trumpers: Offsetting the Blarney, upping midterm pressure

The electoral field, thanks to history’s most vulnerable president, is wide open – handing the left a great opportunity for a stunning harvest.

Pandering to deficit hawks is a losing strategy

The silencing of dissenting voices could be called many things, but “democratic” isn’t one of them.

An economy in the fast lane – with no brakes

When the next recession hits, the working people of the United States will pay the steepest price.

6 reasons for hope in Trump times

First, Donald Trump has been a giant wake-up call that we can’t take democracy for granted.

A time for integrity

You have not pledged yours souls to the Republican Party. You have pledged yourselves to America. Now is the time to deliver on that pledge.

7 truths about immigration

Spread the truth.

Jeff Sessions sets back the clock

How low can he go? And how far back can this Attorney General take us?

Economy adds 213,000 jobs in June, unemployment edges up to 4.0 percent

The average hourly wage in manufacturing rose just 1.7 percent in the last year.

Is Trump giving Amazon the Postal Service?

Trump wanted to use the Postal Service to hit back at Amazon, but he may end up doing the opposite.

For captured regulators, repealing the Volcker Rule is child’s play

One thing’s for certain: if there’s another financial crisis, it could make the last one look like child’s play.