Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Founder’ monumental constitutional mistake; 2 senators from each state

But let’s not blame the Founders because they had no way of knowing how large this country would become and the great degree to which the populations of its states would vary.

Sharing is key to a new economic and democratic order

We are at the beginning of the Age of Sharing, but it will not be gifted to us.

Republican chauvinists won this battle against women, but won’t win the war

But the good news is that women are going to make them pay a terrible price for their treachery in the very near future.

Unemployment falls to lowest level since 1969 as economy adds 134,000 jobs

In spite of the unusually low unemployment rate there is little evidence of wage acceleration.

Kavanaugh on the high court will be a source of ridicule

It’s not all bad as 'boofer' Brett sullies the whole institution.

Priciest US weapon, the F-35, just attacked one of world’s most primitive fighters, the...

Why did the US military have a vertical-take-off F-35B launched from an aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean make an attack on a Taliban position in Afghanistan?

November 6, 2018; the mother of all elections will take place in America

America has now arrived at this most critical crossroads and its people must choose the fork in the road that leads to turning this government around.

It’s the base, stupid! – the know-nothing swamp drives toxic politics

We can’t have a know-nothing president without an ongoing know-nothing base. The "other swamp" is a multitude willing to forego life-improving deliverables for endless, smoke and mirror wedge distractions.

The dangerous myth of deregulation

Don’t fall for it. Trump’s binge of deregulation is just another form of trickle-down economics.

Is America truly exceptional, can it be called the wealthiest country in the world?

So we can say that this country is exceptional and is the wealthiest one in the world but that doesn’t make it so.