Friday, December 6, 2019

If factory farm conditions are unhealthy for animals, they’re bad for people too

Lack of governmental oversight of factory farms has created a public health crisis of antibiotic-resistance diseases in people.

For corporate media, it’s ‘anybody but Sanders or Warren’

History is unfolding in real-time. It’s not a product on the media shelf, to be passively bought and consumed.

Blending capitalism and socialism

Why can't we detach personal income from industry so that we can all make rational decisions about what is good and bad for society?

Obama: A great president or a sell-out?

Those of us who were there at the 2008 election – and who worked hard for Obama to win – remember Hope and Change.

How badly will Trump trash the GOP? Truly, ‘Everything he touches dies.’

With the inevitability of Greek tragedy, Trump’s fate is not for me a mystery: he will go down, and hard, and the only question that remains: will the hijacked Republican follow suit?

Compassion versus greed

Why do we permit investors to latch on to apartments and neither live in them nor put them up for rent?

The Age of Trump, the end of what?

Which hunt? Who knows which witch?

Should there be a maximum income?

What, after all, is the guiding light of society?

The myth of voter fraud – and the truth about what’s threatening our elections

The next time you hear Trump and his enablers claim widespread voter fraud, know the truth.

“They’re killing us like dogs” – A massacre in Bolivia and a plea for...

Writing this dispatch from Bolivia, the conflict here is spiraling out of control and I fear it will only get worse.