Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Trump: It’s payback time for your betrayal of America and its democracy

Joe Biden may not become one of America’s greatest presidents, but he will go down in history as having saved this country from experiencing a monumental disaster, a second term for Trump.

BlackRock stakeholders do not consent to bankrolling violence

As BlackRock has boisterously taken up the mantle of sustainable investing, it must do more to shepherd us into a peace-based economy.

Is Joe Biden ready for the urgency of the climate crisis?

Candidate Joe Biden proposed the most ambitious climate policy of any presidential candidate in history. Can President Biden deliver?

Hats off to unscrupulous, vote-stealing, omnipotent Democrats!

Until we banish the Electoral College, elections will maximize the needless melodrama and, worst still, minimize the sovereignty of the people.

Why the election represented an unprecedented exercise in democracy

Besides trusted leaders, what Americans need is greater solidarity...

Saving our planet is our responsibility

If, and it’s a large ominous if, humanity is to reverse the damage, education and widespread environmental/social responsibility are essential.

Beyond our control

America in the Mid-Seventies and 2020

America on trial

We’re on the brink of what might be the election to end all elections.