Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The theocratic scourge when a fundamentalist minority wars against diverse, majority rule politics

What the savvy Founders elevated was an enlightened chain of being that linked freedom, secular democracy and the exclusion of a state religion.

How Republicans are stepping closer to fascism

Authoritarianism is not just an external threat. It’s right here in America.

Leaks reveal reality behind US propaganda in Ukraine

Like in previous U.S. wars, the veil of propaganda is unraveling around a senseless and unnecessary war that is killing a generation of young Ukrainians.

New party quiz game: What more can the right do to shoot itself in...

A grim evolutionary comeuppance is well underway, presaging harder times for the unAmerican, unConstitutional, anti-democrats.

What American media won’t tell us about the Putin/XI Meeting, Part II

An authoritarian approach to such a threat can never work – democracies have to lead.

Finland’s NATO move leaves others to carry on the ‘Helsinki spirit’

What are the consequences for Finland and the world, including Finland's historic role as a peacemaker.

People power: Focus and unite

Focus and unite . . . the only sane and possible solution.

Why are there fees on everything? 

They hide the true cost when you buy a good or service.

Trump falls hard when his fixated, unforgiving base turns tail

Trump’s a tedious, malign vampire,/ But MAGA fuels the fiery liar.

Is the GOP becoming the American fascist party?

What occurred in Nashville last week is a frightening reminder of the fragility of American democracy when Republicans obtain supermajorities and no longer need to work with Democratic lawmakers.