Thursday, November 30, 2023

Right-wing mayhem regorges Social Darwinism, poster child for scandalous, authoritarian bunk

History does not repeat, but in this case it emphatically rhymes. With Trumpist war cries for his New Nazism, we cannot avoid the obvious parallels.

Backing Biden for 2024, conformist Democrats have been in denial. Now they’re in a...

“The truth remains that a president is not his party’s king and has no automatic right to renomination.”

This master framework—complexity vs. over-simplification—separates all serious debate from hokum

While those favoring complexity see foes as ignorant or wrongheaded, reductionists insist not only is “their truth” the only truth, but foes act from malice and bad faith.

The highly-revealing election dogs that didn’t bark, isolating howling, blowhard election deniers

Baseless election denial delusions make former Joe McCarthy or Nixon backers look downright reality-bound.

Two roads diverge in a very dark wood: vengeance vs. stability 

Behold Trump as fully sadistic,/ Damocles sword going ballistic.

Why we need to ban college legacy admissions

A big reason rich kids have such an advantage is so-called “legacy admissions”—the preference elite schools give to family members of alumni.

Who’s drinking Neanyahu’s Amalek Kool-Aid?

Religious nationalism may be soaring in Israel, but that’s not the trend in America.

Israel’s military is part of the US war machine

As the carnage in Gaza continues, Washington is rushing to provide extra military assistance worth $14 billion.

Endangered and dangerous Israel, endangering Jews

What effect on Jews elsewhere from manifestly wrong or immoral actions of the state?

How union workers build the middle class

Well-compensated union workers, in turn, support small businesses, schools, and other amenities needed to sustain strong communities.