Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Garland, Smith, Willis: Like watching grass trying to grow on the rock-solid ground in...

America’s full-of-holes System of Justice that Trump has beaten like a drum for quite some time now is like watching grass trying to grow on hard ground in the winter.

How union workers are breaking new barriers

With public support for unions at record levels, activists expect still more workers to follow their example and unionize to build brighter futures.

The idolatry of gun worship

Christian nationalism and gun violence.

Who follows loser Trump? Can yapping yahoos cohere after endless havoc?

Great crises loom for party backers –/ Who corrals berserk bushwhackers?

How union members honor workers Memorial Day

April 28 is Workers Memorial Day in America and the Day of Mourning in Canada, a time to remember those killed, injured, or sickened at work.

The rampage of reckless individualism matches climate change as a global threat

Reckless individualism delivers just as many body blows to collective freedom as fascism, communism or fundamentalism.

We need to make government bigger (it’s not what you think) 

Put simply: The House of Representatives does not have enough members to adequately represent all 334 million of us.

Garland Nixon interview: An objective look at US foreign policy

We focus here on the realities of the international power struggle unfolding in real time, specifically addressing the role of the U.S. in the tensions and its capacity to reduce them. 

Seriously auditing the rich makes sense. Seriously taxing the rich can save us.

The affluent gang at Patriotic Millionaires is making the case for an entirely new tax system.