Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Slouching towards unelectability—scandalize your potential voters

The longer Trump has a public role,/ The more unfit this cornered troll.

Radioactivity: The Women of Three Mile Island

It connects the proverbial dots of the 1979 Three Mile Island nuclear plant disaster—doing so brilliantly.

The first step to fixing the electoral college

If we keep up the fight and get enough states on board, America will never again elect a president who loses the national popular vote.

Divest, decarbonize and disassociate — inside the bold new push to get fossil fuels...

As pandemic restrictions fade, students are finding innovative ways to end higher ed's many ties to the fossil fuel industry.

Whose planet are we on?

What happens when LTAI (less than artificial intelligence) gives way to AI?

Perils of perverse polling—that turns the world upside down

Biden’s the stunning overachiever;/ Trump’s a pandemic of swamp fever.

2024: Dread and hope

Saving our civilization from impending environmental disaster is perhaps the one issue capable of uniting us.

When do wary Dems take down the rightwing ‘terrorist front’ with a fierce battle...

Start by calling the Republican Party a terrorist organization, with unholy alliances to autocratic, racist extremism backing violent, fascist rule.

How to stop Republicans from tanking the economy over the debt ceiling

If Republicans are going to play this game, Mr. President, you need to play hard ball.

Confederate-style states’ rights tantrums rise again—and will fall again to enlightened federalism

Either federalism determines “self-evident” human rights, or the Constitutional republic model turns farce, with 50 different state law clusters.