Friday, March 24, 2023

How badly will today’s rip-roaring ‘transparency’ surge scar MAGA rampages, McCarthy, FOX and Trump?

If serial, truth-telling transparency doesn’t wreck Republicanism as a viable governing party, scaring electability, voters will only have themselves to blame.

Are the women of your statehouse properly attired?

Instead of fixing their image by legislating responsibly, some state lawmakers say a dress code will suffice — for women, of course.

Israel’s liberal supporters are taking their denial to a new level

“Netanyahu is subverting Israel’s democracy” while advancing “a plan to completely strip the independence of Israel’s Supreme Court.”

Sound the alarms; someone let the crazies out and they’re now occupying the US...

This is no joke, it’s not the least bit funny, it shows that this country is in deep, deep trouble.

Debunking ‘no one wants to work anymore’

Instead of saying “no one wants to work anymore,” we should be saying, “no one wants to be exploited anymore.”

Trump dead-ends the perfect rightwing storm: his nomination augurs party, cult and personal train...

Trump’s most notable, if disruptive, historic feat: single-handedly demolishing one of two national parties running U.S. politics for 175 years.

New 1% stock buyback tax better than nothing, but won’t fix systemically-broken capitalism

Right now, inequality is as predictable as another decade of authoritarian Republican politics—banish the thought.

Why Biden snubbed China’s Ukraine peace plan

President Biden and his coterie of neo-conservatives have no interest in peace if it means the U.S. concedes hegemonic power to a multi-polar world unbothered from the all-mighty dollar.

Why news of population decline and economic slowdown isn’t necessarily a bad thing

The Wall Street Journal called China’s slowdown “disappointing.” But for the environment, it is welcome news.

Gov. DeSantis: You’re a history grad. Tell me when systemic racism ended.

Today’s champions of white victim hood claim that the teaching of ethnic history and ongoing/systemic racism stokes guilt feelings among white students and anger between students of different racial groups.