Friday, December 3, 2021

Natural Asset Companies and the plan to financialize the commons

"Are we fighting to save ourselves and our living planet or are we fighting to maintain business as usual?”

Should humans try to modify the amount of sunlight the Earth receives?

Managing solar radiation through technology is possible, but there are ethical and political concerns.

Personal interview: Dan Kovalik What are the Prospects for Peace?

We look to Dan Kovalik, a respected and renowned thought leader, for an honest assessment of both U.S. foreign and military policy to offer their most current thoughts and insights for improving the prospects of peace.

Cosmic hypocrisy: Unqualified embrace of its VA win exposes GOP’s whopping big lie

Virginia results are bad news for the Democrats, incredibly bereft at effective messaging, but where's good news for the Trump fanatics, exposed nationally as indefensible liars and election manipulators?

Rightwing mythmaking and the January 6th capitol siege

The idea that conservatives and Republicans are being widely and unfairly targeted by federal law enforcement is yet another example of an emerging right wing tactic of projection.

In steep decline: Body blows to America’s vaunted, quality higher education

Once the world’s best, U.S. higher education staggers, with no easy fixes.

What happened to the party of limited government?

The Republican Party now poses a clear and present threat even to the values it once espoused.

The super-rich have taken almost all of it

The very richest Americans seem far removed from the notion of shared prosperity that could have made us a nation to be envied.

Does mundane, Democratic small ball make sense against war-like Trumpian nullification?

Good intentions fall short against foes indifferent to morality, law, science, disease, suffering, even the compassion that Christianity honors.

How the Texas abortion law’s faulty legal text could self-destruct

Texas has opened a multidimensional Pandora’s box that threatens marginalized communities across the country.