Monday, February 24, 2020

Gearing up for possibility of another Trump shutdown, airport workers ready mass protests in...

"We need people to fully understand what the issues are so that we can be prepared to respond potentially with withholding our service, if that's what it takes to stop a continuation of the shutdown."

Limbaugh says Irma hurricane warnings are a scheme to benefit retailers, media, and the...

Just eight days after Vice President Pence appeared on his show, Limbaugh once again promotes fringe theory about hurricane forecasts.

How to talk to your relatives about climate change: A guide for the holidays

The Trump administration and the fossil fuels industry is actively working against clean energy progress, but we have the tools, the courts, and the people power to keep advancing clean power in states and cities.

A threat to global democracy: How Facebook & surveillance capitalism empower authoritarianism

This is just the latest in a string of controversies surrounding Facebook’s unprecedented influence on democracy in the United States and around the world.

Actor Mark Ruffalo Joins Activists In ND To Protest Dakota Access Pipeline

Ruffalo opposes the DAPL and says Leonardo DiCaprio is likely to soon join him in North Dakota.

Preparing for the coming transformation

It is critical for us to step out of the limitations of two and four year election cycles and recognize that social transformation does not arise by electing the perceived least evil.

Robert Reich | A Yinnopoulos, Bannon, Trump plot to control American universities?

There may be something worrying going on here.

Public spaces private control

The world of Neoliberalism attempts to reduce everything to a commodity, but public spaces are not simply a financial asset to be sold off to the highest bidder.

Do protests matter? What the Tea Party Movement can teach the Trump resistance

This is how rallies grow into movements and create social change.

After mega-lies by Trump adviser Stephen Miller, it’s time to rev up the reality-based...

We have seen these unimaginative scenarios so many times.