Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Writing as Resistance

Doomed writers buried their accounts of the Warsaw ghetto in the hope that they could teach whoever unearthed the documents about good, evil, indifference and the importance of the truth as an act of resistance. They have left us a trove of papers on how to construct a life of meaning.

Routing the two-tier economy: Part I – transportation

As long as there are great wealth and poverty in our country, we will never get completely rid of two-tier systems.

The South is rising again

The real story is that a fresh, "Reclaim the South" movement of young African-American populists is emerging, kindling long-suppressed hope in the racially scarred Deep South.

Twisting, distorting the meaning of the Second Amendment

Will the American people allow these un-American entities to twist and bend the meaning of the Second Amendment so that it outweighs the critical need to significantly reduce the incidence of mass shootings?

Carmelo Anthony Issues A Powerful Plea To Fellow Athletes In The Wake Of Violence

"We can't worry about what endorsements we gonna lose or going to look at us crazy."

A modern-day lynching?: “Always in season” looks at 2014 hanging in NC & legacy...

A disturbing new documentary that examines lynching in the United States both past and present.

Environmental reporting can help protect citizens in emerging democracies

What happens when an illegally logged tree falls or poachers kill endangered brown bears in the forest, but there’s no journalist to report it?

Noam Chomsky on Pittsburgh attack: Revival of hate is encouraged by Trump’s rhetoric

The massacre has been described as the worst anti-Semitic attack in U.S. history.

The power of words and war on Democracy

How language can help in the fight against authoritarianism.

Exposed: Undercover reporter at Amazon warehouse found abusive conditions & no bathroom breaks

Journalist James Bloodworth spent a month working undercover as a “picker” in an Amazon order fulfillment center and unveils abusive conditions.