Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Observing elites manipulate our fear: COVID-19, propaganda and knowledge

If we do not take measures, the insane global elite will continue to manipulate us into doing its bidding, usually using more insidious techniques than COVID-19, until human beings cease to exist.

Fool me once…

This current pandemic, a worldwide phenomenon, is destroying both people's lives and the economies throughout the world.

Change, love and the need for unity

Yes, perhaps unsurprisingly it’s all about love, and the absence of it. Unity is an expression of love.

#Cancelrent: Tenants demand rent relief & organize strikes as unemployment surges due to COVID-19

Tenants around the country are calling for immediate rent cancellation. Some are planning to “rent strike.”

Limiting Trump’s screen time isn’t ‘censorship,’ it’s journalism

If journalists are limited to allowing politicians to say whatever they want on-air, then asking questions that are never answered, how to decide when this is less reporting the news than feeding the troll?

In this time of crisis, we need to keep our eyes open

Both eyes open. Look for potential threats coming from all sides. Be prepared to change course at a moment’s notice.

Stop social media platforms from spreading hateful content

Tell social media platforms to stop the spread of hateful content online.

We won’t go back to normal, because normal was the problem

When a global pandemic strikes, the private-sector austerity model simply falls apart.

Crocodile tears

Perhaps it is time for we working stiffs to 'Walk Away' from the Super Rich and follow a 'New Awareness' AKA Socialist Ideals. This virus should be our 'Wake-up Call'.

The coronavirus crash could be worse than the republican great depression of 1930

If we succeed in rebooting American manufacturing through the measures used by Hamilton (and emulated by China over the past 30 years), our recovery from this crisis could mark a new dawn for the American middle class.