Bernie Sanders Wins TIME Readers’ Poll for Person of the Year, Still Snubbed from the Shortlist


Bernie Sanders won first place this week in TIME Magazine’s online poll for Person of the Year. The democratic presidential candidate won by a huge margin, with over 10% of the votes. Coming in second was Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, with 5.2%. No other presidential candidates even made the top ten. Hillary Clinton received 1.4% of the votes.

But regardless of his obvious support and his place in the results, the magazine curiously snubbed him from the shortlist of candidates for their pick for Person of the Year.

Who did make the list? Donald Trump, who in the reader poll received just 1.8% of all reader votes. The other candidates for the shortlist include Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, Black Lives Matter activists, Caitlyn Jenner, Travis Kalanick, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, and Hassan Rouhani. TIME’s official person of the year will be picked from these individuals.

Of all of the candidates that made the short list, only one was part of the top 10 from the reader poll. Many are questioning why TIME has the poll at all if they don’t seem to care about the results.

Online polls have been good to Bernie Sanders, even prompting large news organizations like CNN to remove record of his support in order to show favor to other candidates.

According to the most recent national poll from Reuters, Hillary Clinton still leads with 51 percent of democratic voters. Bernie Sanders was polled at 36 percent of Democrats and Martin O’Malley came in last with 4 percent. 10 percent of the polled Democrats were still undecided. Sanders comes in ahead of Clinton with independent voters, with 30 percent versus Clinton’s 28 percent. The new results show a six point increase for Sanders and a seven point drop for Clinton.


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