Friday, March 22, 2019

The roots of police violence in Chicago: How cops have targeted communities of color...

"It’s been part of the culture, along with the code of silence, along with the systemic racism that is so prevalent in the Chicago Police Department."

3 things schools should teach about America’s history of white supremacy

Schools have ample opportunities to include much more about White supremacy, racial discrimination, and racial violence into school curricula.

New data shows many Americans believe in human causes climate change, yet a staggering...

The poll, which was conducted between Nov. 29 and Dec. 10, came just after the U.S. government published a critical climate report last month with warnings of human-caused global warming having major consequences on the livelihoods of Americans.

How a failing capitalist system is allowing Amazon to cripple America

In the most extreme form of capitalism taxes do not exist. This is called "anarcho-capitalism." Among all corporations, Amazon may be the leading advocate of this philosophy.

After raising hourly wages to $15, Amazon-owned Whole Foods reportedly slashed workers’ hours

"Just about every person on our team has complained about their hours being cut. Some have had to look for other jobs as they can't make ends meet."

Transitional times and the appearance of a new normal

The ‘old normal’ has had its day and is dying.

The Amerikan Addiction Network

If you took a few moments of pause, you would realize that it should be our government which should be helping those with addictions- many such ones that have occurred because of the power of Big Pharma.

Glenn Greenwald: Chelsea Manning’s refusal to testify against WikiLeaks will help save Press Freedom

"We all owe our immense gratitude to Chelsea Manning for everything she’s done over the last decade, but even more so now."

One year after Parkland, 1,200 more kids are dead by gunfire – but students still...

Students who survived the massacre quickly came to national prominence as leading activists for gun control.

Pop that balloon!!

“The corporate world was not for him.”