Sunday, May 19, 2019

One year after Parkland, 1,200 more kids are dead by gunfire – but students still...

Students who survived the massacre quickly came to national prominence as leading activists for gun control.

How the March for Science seized San Francisco, fueling a growing movement

Where does the March for Science go from here?

After massacre in California bar, will a Democrat-controlled House take action on gun control?

The dead include 27-year-old Telemachus Orfanos, who survived the deadly Las Vegas massacre at a country music festival last year, only to be gunned down Wednesday night.

The growth of popular democracy

Democracy has been hijacked by "the economy" – twinned with capitalism and the "free market," and corrupted thereby.

It’s not enough to elect progressives: Movements must have a role in governing

Our work must be about building long-term, multiracial, people-powered movements around a shared agenda for racial justice and a people’s economy.

Trump’s ‘Harvest Box’ delivers an empty promise

The administration and its GOP allies are threatening these Americans with even greater hunger and privation.

Tired of spending money on the things you need? Then try joining a truly...

After all, for thousands of years, the indigenous people of the land Detroit now sits on engaged in freely giving what was needed to others. The practice is ancient.

Wall Street bonuses in 2018 totaled more than 3x the earnings of minimum wage...

Since 1985 the average Wall Street bonus has increased by 1,000 percent.

‘Shame on Uber:’ Drivers on strike worldwide protesting ‘poverty wages’

"This is an act of solidarity with drivers across the country, and really across the world, who are suffering with poverty wages."

The real reason American workers have it so hard

No wonder they’re unhappy. The system is working against them.