Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The sports industry too often relies on modern slavery and human trafficking: Liverpool Football...

The LFC clearly states that modern slavery and human trafficking are unacceptable.

Why shouldn’t accusations be admissible evidence?

By themselves, such accusations should not be conclusive evidence, but they should cast doubt on the perpetrator’s denial of bad acts in the present case.

Racism v public health

“Racism is a threat to public health,” says medical professional (Physician Assistant, Preventative Cardiology) Leslie Gregory. Huh?  How...

How the March for Science seized San Francisco, fueling a growing movement

Where does the March for Science go from here?

Big Mac’s new Big Data “innovation”

Far from helping customers, McDonald’s snazzy, new AI ordering system will be helping the corporation by silently compiling personal information on you.

Big Pharma is the most widely hated industry in the US

With drug prices continuing to sore and the ongoing opioid epidemic and lawsuits associated with it, the industry's rating likely will not recover any time soon.

“Not enough’: Critics say Walmart must go beyond corporate pr and half-measures on guns

Gun control groups on Tuesday praised Walmart after the company announced it would no longer sell certain firearm ammunition and would reduce its gun...

What George Carlin taught us about media propaganda by omission

George Carlin’s quip reminds us to demand the other score: the horrific cost of our unequal and unsustainable status quo.

Trump’s ‘Harvest Box’ delivers an empty promise

The administration and its GOP allies are threatening these Americans with even greater hunger and privation.

Is America crazy?

Mass shootings, economic inequality, a racist president: have we grown dangerously accustomed to a country gone mad?