Friday, August 23, 2019

Racism v public health

“Racism is a threat to public health,” says medical professional (Physician Assistant, Preventative Cardiology) Leslie Gregory. Huh?  How...

Spineless, craven Republicans and Trump sow the seeds of hate that proliferate mass shootings

Only if the people of America rise en masse and demand that these corrupted politicians put an end to this madness, will this situation come under control.

Defending the environment now more lethal than soldiering in some war zones – and...

Indigenous peoples should be a source of inspiration for the global community.

The cleaning lady

She works hard for her money, as the song relates. She's the cleaning lady, the one who gets on her knees and...

Bring awareness and demand change: Immigrant families being forced to separate

Let's raise awareness, and demand change, of the tactics the Trump administration is utilizing when dealing with immigrant families.

Could Trump end a cruel dog meat festival during U.S.-China trade negotiations?

Even most of the Chinese public wants the inhumane event to be shut down.

Big Mac’s new Big Data “innovation”

Far from helping customers, McDonald’s snazzy, new AI ordering system will be helping the corporation by silently compiling personal information on you.

The sports industry too often relies on modern slavery and human trafficking: Liverpool Football...

The LFC clearly states that modern slavery and human trafficking are unacceptable.

Valhalla awaits! After white terrorism at Oslo mosque, what if Trump spoke about supremacists...

Why don’t moderate white people denounce the extremists among them?

How states can better care for direct care workers

As the American population ages, the need for care workers is exploding. Direct care jobs, like home health and personal care aides,...