Sunday, September 27, 2020

Remembering the 1960s

The 1960s can inspire us today because as well as being a period of change, the decade was characterized by hope and optimism. We need hope.

What comes after the “American Century”?

America needs to negotiate the multipolar world order with China now — not few years later, when China will be convincingly stronger than the U.S.

Be a viral superspreader

We can do this, if we remain nonviolent, committed, and unified.

Rest in power, Kevin Zeese

Kevin fought to bring truth every day. We must not lose this struggle.

No going back: It’s all got to change

Environmental change post COVID.

Late summer ’70

It is difficult for folks who live in a country that had never been invaded or occupied before, to suddenly rev up the passion needed for such action.

The meaning of a job

Robots may seem useful, but they advance unknown dangers to human lives.

Comfortably numb

Factoring out those out there who are in lots of pain from injury or illness, what of the overwhelming majority who are not in that group and are hooked on opioids?

Are police unions part of the U.S. labor movement?

George Floyd’s death has raised serious concerns about the current role of police and police unions in our society.

A united front is the right strategy to defeat authoritarianism

With a second Trump term, all hope of progressive change is gone. With a Biden Presidency, with hard work and mass mobilization, there is at least a chance for a better and more progressive America.