Friday, July 3, 2020

America is exceptional in all the wrong ways

On the global stage, America is the exception, but not in the way we would like to believe.

There’s no predicting when movements will erupt, but this classic activist resource maps their...

With Black Lives Matter in the midst of an unprecedented moment, now is the perfect time to read “The Movement Action Plan” — a model for understanding the long arc of movements.

Five black & brown men have been recently found hanged in public. Were some...

“They deserve a full investigation and given the context of this history … that we look at them more than three days, and then that they are looked at as a whole.”

Be black, be brave

Let’s return to that idea: we shall arm the militia, and no one else. The Militia shall be comprised of all races and sexes. No one – not even the police – shall have guns.

Pandemic of hate: Anti-Asian racism during COVID-19

When Trump calls coronavirus the ‘China Virus’ he INTENTIONALLY stirs up racism against Asian Americans.

Juneteenth: A celebration of black liberation & day to remember “horrific system that was...

Juneteenth is “much more complicated and much more complex than is traditionally presented,” increased recognition of the day “provides an opportunity to have a thorough remembrance of this horrific system that was slavery.”

A culture shift can only happen with reparations and truth telling

The future is upon us, but it must be one that we can choose and see ourselves in. This requires a local, national, and global effort.

The age of disappointment?

Or how the American century ends...

7 ways 2020 has exposed America

We need to reimagine a political and economic system that values humanity and builds prosperity for every American. Let’s get to work.

From fringe idea to law of the land — a look inside the creativity...

Beautiful Trouble examines the principles and theories guiding this growing insurrection in defense of Black lives.