Sunday, March 26, 2023

Public libraries continue to thrive despite defunding and privatization attacks

Efforts by governments and cities across the nation to defund the public library indicate a misunderstanding of the essential role that libraries play.

American exceptionalism on full display

Why this country might want to lower its expectations.

Nepo babies and the myth of the meritocracy

Society’s top tiers are rife with nepotism. It’s past time to expose just how much unearned wealth and power has been accrued by elites.

The top 10 inequality victories of 2022

Champions of a more egalitarian society made important strides, building the power of workers while reducing the power of wealthy tax dodgers and greedy pharma execs.

From excess to simplicity of living and social justice

As the global crises grow and deepen, there are signs, tentative but strong, that such a collective shift is underway; a growing awareness that something fundamental needs to change

The meat industry has created a false dichotomy that pits people against animals

Factory farms are harmful to animals, the environment, local communities, and public health. We need a more logical and just food system.

Does Elon Musk have a right to destroy Twitter?

Do we really think that the super-wealthy should be allowed to control so much wealth and wield so much influence?

Why does our skin wrinkle in water?

Mark Changizi’s study offers a scientific and anthropological explanation for a phenomenon many take for granted.

An unlikely city in the South could be home to a public education renaissance

Advocates for school improvement in Jackson, Mississippi, want investments in education infrastructure, not more charter schools and privatization.

How to survive us

Young people need real information and analysis, survival skills and resources.