Monday, August 26, 2019

Trump administration’s attacks on science already surpass two Bush terms

Trump may have lauded the Apollo 11 mission, but his administration has launched more than 100 attacks on science.

Routing the two-tier system: Part II – raising the lower tier

If the bottom tier can have security and happiness, and if our society eliminates corruption, that will make our society a good one worth having.

Meet the Parkland father keeping his son’s message alive through art

Since the murder of his son Joaquin in the Parkland shooting, Manuel Oliver has been tackling the gun violence epidemic through “nonviolent creative confrontation.”

Bernie Sanders: ‘We will go to war with White Nationalism’

"When we combat white nationalism and when we combat racism."

Hong Kong in the crosshairs of global power and ideological struggles

How this conflict of economic and political systems turns out depends on whether China can confront its contradictions.

Routing the two-tier economy: Part I – transportation

As long as there are great wealth and poverty in our country, we will never get completely rid of two-tier systems.

The great land robbery: How federal policies dispossessed black Americans of millions of acres

This mass land dispossession is part of the pattern of institutional racism and discrimination that has contributed to the racial wealth gap in the United States.

ALEC fails to denounce dangerous and racist views of its leaders and members

ALEC has remained conspicuously silent about the dangerous and racist statements and ties of its legislative leaders.

As U.S. children head back to school, sales of bulletproof backpacks skyrocket

Sales of bulletproof backpacks have gone up 300% recently as parents prepare their kids to go back to school. With the latest...

How states can better care for direct care workers

As the American population ages, the need for care workers is exploding. Direct care jobs, like home health and personal care aides,...