Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Police are still killing unarmed black people

So far this year, 390 people have been killed by police, according to a Washington Post database of police shootings.

How wealthy have our super wealthy become?

It turns out we know far less, by contrast, about Americans who live amid great wealth.

‘It’s bad for business:’ CEOs speak out against attacks on reproductive rights, abortion bans

"As anti-choice politicians are escalating attacks on these fundamental freedoms we encourage the entire business community to join us in protecting access to reproductive healthcare in the critical months and years to come."

Retail workers nationwide are united for respect

Workers around the country are fighting back, taking creative actions and pushing legislators and pension funds to act.

The sports industry too often relies on modern slavery and human trafficking: Liverpool Football...

The LFC clearly states that modern slavery and human trafficking are unacceptable.

How the ‘good guy with a gun’ became a deadly American fantasy

What started as entertainment has turned into a durable American fantasy. Maintaining it has become a deadly American obsession.

Racism as a public health crisis

Milwaukee’s novel approach to combating racial inequity should inspire other cities.

Julian Assange and the increasing threat to freedom of the press

The continued persecution of Manning and Assange shows that while actual war criminals are showered with praise and given lucrative sinecures, those who reveal their crimes are the ones who will face punishment.

Meet the animal rights activists facing prison time for rescuing ducks, piglets from factory...

Nearly 100 animal rights activists were arrested by police in riot gear for carrying out a rescue mission and protest at the Reichardt Duck Farm in Petaluma, California.

Trump escalates economic attack on Cuba, banning Americans from educational, cultural trips

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin claimed the ban is in retaliation for Cuba “providing a communist foothold in the region and propping up U.S. adversaries in places like Venezuela and Nicaragua.”