Friday, December 6, 2019

Time for a billionaire ban

The wealthiest Americans dominate our airwaves. Let’s hear from someone else for a change.

How to in the holiday healthcare debate with your conservative relatives

Like 99% of Americans, Uncle Joe would benefit from the change if he only knew the truth.

Fighting for America’s soul

Progressives are fighting to save the values and institutions on which their country was founded.

How the spirit of the indigenous occupation of Alcatraz lives on, 50 years later

In 1969, indigenous activists occupied Alcatraz Island, demanding that their treaties be honored. Fifty years later, they’re still fighting.

A new generation of Black farmers is returning to the land

They are working to repair harm inflicted over the past 400 years, with an eye toward reparations.

Record inequality and corporate profits are what media call a ‘strong economy’

It makes little sense if one assumes corporate journalists are primarily concerned with informing the public.

Ending violence, exploitation, ecological destruction and war: Creating a culture of peace

Until our parenting and teaching models are radically altered, a culture of peace will remain an impossible dream. And human extinction in the near term is inevitable.

Student protesters are walking a tightrope in Hong Kong

The whole world is watching Hong Kong.

New study shows staggering consequences of for-profit healthcare system and Americans’ inability to pay...

34 million adults know someone who died after not getting the necessary treatment because of affordability.

Watch: These Tucson teens are making sure they don’t leave reproductive health education access...

Find out how young people in Tucson are taking charge of their health.