Monday, June 24, 2024

US media’s complicity in ignoring Gaza’s plight: a critical examination of systematic bias

Analyzing the evasion of ethical journalism in the face of Gaza's humanitarian crisis.

Think #MeToo didn’t make a real difference? Think again

It takes effort to track the impacts of mass mobilizations like #MeToo, Occupy or Black Lives Matter, but understanding social change is impossible without such work.

In the shadow of the classroom: the rising tide of harassment facing Palestinian students...

A harrowing inside look at the escalating tensions within American grade schools, where Palestinian and Muslim students grapple with a distressing wave of harassment, intimidation, and the struggle for identity amidst conflict.

We must be relentless in humanizing Palestinians

The human cost of conflict: reckoning with the dehumanization in the Israeli-Palestinian struggle.

Fighting billionaires’ control of the media, individual news vouchers

People who really want to do something to reduce the power of billionaires should get behind it.

NYT ignores dissent to convey image of Jewish unanimity

Did the Times piece weaponize Jewish grief?

The growing movement to bring back community grief and ritual

A free and open community grief-tending event in Berkeley, California, set an example for coming to terms with loss—of people we love and of nature.

‘Sacrifice zones’: the new ‘Jim Crow’ that’s sickening and killing people of color

A product of entrenched, historic racism, “sacrifice zones”—designed to site pollution hot spots within communities of color—are a front line in a largely silent, often deadly, and steadily growing health crisis across the United States.

AI tech could require as much electricity as a small nation, study finds

AI has limitations and shouldn’t be used for everything, especially considering its privacy concerns and high energy demand.

Book bans in Texas spread as new state law takes effect

According to the American Library Association, Texas was home to the most attempts to ban or restrict books in 2022.