Saturday, April 20, 2019

Wall Street bonuses in 2018 totaled more than 3x the earnings of minimum wage...

Since 1985 the average Wall Street bonus has increased by 1,000 percent.

Why the government makes filing your taxes intentionally difficult

"Congress should be making it easier for Americans to file their taxes each year, not bowing to the interests of the tax prep industry."

Everything you need to know about the new economy

If between 1979 and 2018, the American economy almost tripled in size, so where did the gains go? Most went to the top.

More children were killed by guns in 2017 than police officers and active military...

The deaths of school-age children in the United States to guns has become an epidemic.

Rising politics of intolerance and the need for unity

Division in any form, including nationalism, and competition go against human nature.

Fox’s Katie Pavlich falsely claims that ‘the top 1 percent pay 90 percent of...

In 2016, the top 1 percent paid 37.3 percent of individual income taxes.

‘The opioid crisis isn’t white:’ How the lethal epidemic affects communities of color

"Especially in the last few years, if you look at the rates of increase of opioid overdose death rates, we find that especially black Americans have had a stark increase in the death rates compared to other groups – in fact, more than white Americans."

War, peace and presidential candidates

So what hope is there that one of the parade of Democrats seeking the presidency in 2020 could be a real “peace candidate?"

Are federal guidelines for prescribing opioids hurting patients with chronic pain?

This month, more than 300 doctors and medical researchers sent an open letter to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warning patients have been harmed by a lack of clarity in guidelines for prescribing opioids.

New report reveals how charter schools have scammed the US government for up to...

There is only one way to deal with this blatant grift program for the charter school industry – shut it down.