Monday, August 26, 2019

What an American terrorist looks like

“Invasion.” President Trump has used that very word about immigration at the southern border 19 times at rallies since he took office,...

Spineless, craven Republicans and Trump sow the seeds of hate that proliferate mass shootings

Only if the people of America rise en masse and demand that these corrupted politicians put an end to this madness, will this situation come under control.

Defending the environment now more lethal than soldiering in some war zones – and...

Indigenous peoples should be a source of inspiration for the global community.

“The next step is the Kremlin”: Why Moscow protests have Putin’s government worried

Up to 60,000 protesters gathered Saturday in Moscow in the largest demonstration Russia has witnessed in years.

When ICE hit Mississippi, its citizens showed up for immigrant families

The Mississippi immigration raid detained hundreds and left children stranded on the first day of school. It also evoked a massive humanitarian response in a state not traditionally friendly to immigrants.

Is America crazy?

Mass shootings, economic inequality, a racist president: have we grown dangerously accustomed to a country gone mad?

Police officer placed on leave after KKK paraphernalia found at home

“The stuff that was on the walls was like, ‘You don’t want this house, stay away, keep out.’”

While poorest scapegoated, analysis of 25 world’s wealthiest families a reminder of inequality’s economic...

"It's funny that the real truth about income inequality is not coming from the south like some would like you to believe—the sucking sound draining the middle-class is the 1 percent... Just saying."

Valhalla awaits! After white terrorism at Oslo mosque, what if Trump spoke about supremacists...

Why don’t moderate white people denounce the extremists among them?

Creating a spectacle of slaughter at the movies

Ambush at Kamikaze Pass.