Sunday, January 19, 2020

To corporate media, an exercise bike ad is more newsworthy than 3/4 of a...

Even when media did choose to cover the NDAA, the majority of these outlets chose to focus on the main victory that was negotiated by Democrats.

How liberals left the white working class behind

White working-class anger has been simmering for decades, due to globalization, wage stagnation, and the myth of meritocracy.

Our vanishing world: Wildlife

The human assault on life on Earth will reach its inevitable conclusion: the extinction of Homo sapiens.

The six ways football groomed us for President Trump

Still going to watch the Super Bowl?

‘Afghan Papers’ wouldn’t be needed if we had a real independent newsmedia

Embedded journalists and news organizations that hire retired generals for commentary don’t give the true picture.

Papers owned by oligarchs unsurprisingly oppose a wealth tax

It’s true that judges, particularly those appointed by politicians backed by the wealthy, might put barriers in the way of a wealth tax

As the decade closes, the power of protest endures

A new global social movement is growing, in schools and on the streets.

At major march in Madrid, indigenous & youth activists slam global leaders for climate...

Protesters marched through Madrid’s city center Friday night in a massive climate demonstration led by indigenous leaders and youth activists.

Howling with my mom put me on a path to living with compassion

A creative approach to saving deer from being culled opened my eyes to feeling empathy for life around us.

‘It’s our future’: Meet the youth activists behind Fridays for Future Movements in Uganda...

"It is a very important issue for us because it’s us against our future. We either do something now or we don’t have a future."