Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Killing as a government service

The USDA’s Wildlife Services program slaughters millions of wild animals every year — including endangered species. It doesn’t have to.

Older Americans descend into retirement without a golden parachute

The increasing economic burdens on older Americans are part of the growing rallying cry over wealth inequality among progressives.

How this database is tracking and exposing officers’ bigoted Facebook posts

It’s found more than 5,000 racist, sexist, and Islamophobic Facebook posts and comments by law enforcement.

Hidden plastics: Glitter gum and the air we breathe

"Large scale public protest, civil disobedience, and coordinated boycotting of products that are contaminating the environment is the only thing that will make government and business act."

How do you celebrate a flawed nation?

To love America is to love the movements that have fought for centuries to make it better.

Lawmakers are finally starting to pay attention to the epidemic of missing and murdered...

Lawmakers are moving to pass legislation that would create clearer systems of data collection and response in cases of MMIW.

Libra: Facebook’s audacious bid for global monetary control

Payments can happen cheaply and easily without banks or credit card companies. This has now been demonstrated – not in the United...

Fund head start, not internment camps

I came to this country from Mexico as a small child because my mother was escaping poverty and wanted to give my...

Philosophy group discussion

Today in San Miguel de Allende we had our usual Philosophy Group meeting.  This time we listened to the words of Allan...

How a top chicken company cut off black farmers, one by one

After years of working as a sheriff’s deputy and a car dealership manager, John Ingrum used his savings to buy a farm...