Wednesday, February 24, 2021

How to have a happy humanity

I am sure that we could solve worldwide issues of poverty, climate change, and health. Our efforts involving happiness should be made with respect to all peoples everywhere.

Is Big Tech too powerful? Chris Hedges & Ramesh Srinivasan debate Twitter & Facebook...

“To allow these companies to essentially function as de facto platforms for censorship and manipulation … harkens back to the way civil liberties were eviscerated in the wake of 9/11.”

The collective shame of global hunger

An estimated 700 million people go hungry every day.

This is America

This is America. This country was founded on violence and desecration.

Why so many young people go vegan

Millennials are driving the shift towards food that is plant-based. They are likely to check the source of food, the issues surrounding animal welfare, and the impacts on the environment that get implied when they decide to purchase the product.

“Americans are now getting a mild taste of their own medicine” of disrupting democracy...

“What has shaken the U.S. population so badly, this assault on the Capitol yesterday, is really nothing by comparison to what U.S. operations have done in Latin America, in Asia, in Africa, in the Middle East, to other democratic movements and elected governments over the years.”

As far right storms Capitol, media need to look at their own role in...

“Responsibility for this act of sedition lies squarely with the president, who has shown that his continued tenure in office poses a grave threat to U.S. democracy.”

US Capitol protesters, egged on by Trump, are part of a long history of...

Their participation in the Jan. 6 events, egged on by Trump, reflects a long history in the U.S. of local, state and national political leaders encouraging white supremacist groups to challenge or overthrow democratic governments.

#DontFundEvil: Google workers form a union to combat workplace concerns

"The future of tech is stronger with the power of a union."

The good

They all saw beyond the illusions created by this current 'Everyone for themselves Capitalism on Steroids'. They did and they do good for the sake of, well, doing good!