Wednesday, December 11, 2019

When disaster strikes, indigenous communities receive unequal recovery aid

“There are huge gaps in the way the federal government responds to tribes when a natural disaster occurs.”

In a step towards justice, US Senate passes bill with funds for missing and...

Lack of sufficient data and jurisdictional issues has been a huge obstacle for finding justice for Indigenous women that are victims of violence.

We need publicly owned utilities

California’s wildfires and blackouts show the dangers of entrusting our power to for-profit corporations.

Why is there increasing poverty in America?

We pretend that we are a fair and equal culture. And yet we let rampant greed take over.

In ‘glimmer of accountability,’ executives, loggers charged in 2014 murders of four Indigenous land...

Environmental campaigners called the charges "unprecedented."

How a growing movement made impeachment politically feasible

As momentum for impeachment builds, By the People is working to ensure that Trump’s removal is a truly transformative moment in our history.

Americans love youth activism – but only when their children agree with them

Adults use young people far too often as props to take moral stands on issues.

These states are putting together Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women task forces

“Today we start with the signing of what should have happened centuries ago.”

Max Blumenthal arrest exposes hypocrisy of western media and ‘human rights’ NGOs

Here’s an idea for media outlets and NGOs concerned about the appeal of Russian public relations efforts: start doing your jobs by holding your own authoritarian politicians and politicized police forces to account.

Victory: Trump administration back down withdraws proposal to restrict protest

This victory shows once again that if we unite and act in solidarity we can win.