Monday, August 19, 2019

Could Trump end a cruel dog meat festival during U.S.-China trade negotiations?

Even most of the Chinese public wants the inhumane event to be shut down.

MSNBC’s anti-Sanders bias makes it forget how to do math

Citizens, including the ones MSNBC claims to speak for, deserve better.

To defeat Trump, ‘the resistance’ must own up to its own white supremacy

From immigration to climate, the white left’s blind spots have sullied even well intentioned efforts to combat Trump, the far right, and ecological collapse.

From porn to tweets and online bullying; The Age of Abuse

Unity, cooperation and tolerance are the pre-eminent values of the time.

Women continue to contribute in record numbers heading into 2020

However, it appears that many networks of prominent donors, including powerful women, are staying out of the presidential fundraising race for now.

Keeping up the fight against the Muslim ban

A year after the Supreme Court ruling upholding it, advocates have lined up legislation and presidential candidates behind undoing one of Trump’s signature abuses.

Judge halts Trump’s asylum ban that represents a “relentless attack on the very idea...

The rule would effectively stop people from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala from seeking refuge in the United States.

Child separation & prison camps: China’s campaign against Uyghur Muslims is “cultural genocide”

An estimated 1 million adults from the Uyghur community are being imprisoned in camps that China claims are “vocational training centers” designed to combat extremism.

The NYT’s six percent solution for student debt

The NYT claims that student loan debt forgiveness already exists.

How to get money to increase the common good

Someone who has 50 billion dollars and keeps it for himself isn't really interested in the "common good."  You don't need 50...