Monday, September 20, 2021

Afghan crisis must end America’s empire of war, corruption and poverty

The United States can either stumble on in its fruitless attempt to control the world through militarism and coercion, or it can use this opportunity to rethink its place in the world.

CDC eviction ban ended by Supreme Court: Four questions about its impact answered by...

The ruling, by a divided court, said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention exceeded its authority in continuing a moratorium on evictions after Congress failed to pass new legislation.

Our ‘trillion-dollar seven’: Can we summon the courage to tax them?

Our political leaders have been aware of the stepped-up basis loophole for decades, yet have done nothing.

No one should listen to Tony Blair on Afghanistan, here’s why

The former Prime Minister has no conscience at all and feels no guilt for all those maimed and lost in his wars of choice.

The real socialism in America isn’t what you think

It’s more socialism for the rich, harsh capitalism for the rest.

Senate Democrats fighting to tax billionaires and pass bill to invest in working families

“The unconscionable growth in billionaire wealth through the misery of the pandemic is the clearest case I can imagine for the progressive tax reform working its way through Congress.”

Why America needs union workers to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure

America has an unprecedented opportunity to harness that skill and passion to build not only better infrastructure but also a stronger, more prosperous country.

Biden administration to keep Trump-era removal of the gray wolf from the Endangered Species...

“It’s shocking that Biden officials are backing Trump’s ruthless decision to strip protections from wolves.”

The unbearable heaviness of fealty to the Trump horror show

Collective downsides will persist until the Grievance Gang accepts that god-given white privilege, let alone its preposterous messiah, won’t dominate governance.

Federal judge orders USPS to turn over docs over DeJoy’s potential financial conflicts of...

“DeJoy’s decision-making as postmaster general has raised some serious ethical questions—now we should finally get some answers.”