Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The nation’s youth have stepped up as poll workers for upcoming election so elderly...

“One of the things that has started to become more apparent to people at a young age is what is at stake.”

‘Vote Trump Out’ Daniel Ellsberg video

"I urge you to vote."

Ballot measure added in San Francisco to increase taxes on corporations with large CEO-worker...

“We believe that big corporations that can afford to pay their executives million-dollar salaries every year can afford to pay their fair share in taxes to help us recover.”

As polls shows climate action winning issue, green campaigners mobilize for Democrats in key...

"Arizona, Iowa, Maine, and South Carolina could hardly be more different, but solid majorities of voters in each state support building a clean energy economy."

The 6 most revealing moments from the presidential debate

The first presidential debate was as horrific as we feared it would be.

The Tuesday night travesty: Three things media experts are getting wrong

In sum, there was no debate on Tuesday night because Donald Trump willed it to be a brawl instead. In a battle of wits, he is unarmed.

California becomes first US state to ban 24 toxic chemicals found in cosmetics

“Every day, Californians are exposed to hazardous chemicals hiding in their cosmetics and personal care products.”

Could Americans possibly reelect a president who acts in this sordid, reprehensible manner?

When Trump loses the election, and he will, he will immediately face various investigations, some of which will lead to criminal charges and, best of all, jail time. And he knows it.

Americans demand climate change be a primary topic at 2020 presidential debates

“The moderators of future debates should build on this foundation and investigate the candidates’ divergent plans on the climate crisis.”

Still time to support mobilize-the-vote Progressive activism, keys to winning close races

The battle is on and time remains to make a difference. Pick from the wide range of progressive activism what works for your life and checkbook.