Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Wealth Gap Widens: Without Change People of Color Will Never Close the Gap

If the trend continues for another 30 year time period the average white family’s net worth will grow by $18,000 a year while the average black household will see a growth of $750 and the average Hispanic household a growth of $2,250.

How Activists Mobilized to Shut Down Trump In Chicago

“Thousands of protesters from all over the city, led by black, Latino, and Muslim activists, spent days organizing the protest, motivated by Trump’s incendiary remarks about communities of color and religious minorities.”

Trump admin’s secretive talks to sell Saudi Arabia nuclear technology spark new fear of...

Critics say the deal could endanger national security while enriching close allies of President Trump.

Chomsky: Why Trump is pushing the doomsday clock to the brink of midnight

Noam Chomsky discussed Trump, Russia, history and the future at the University of Arizona.

Recent Polls Hold Good News for Bernie Sanders

New polls show Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary Clinton, as well as strong support for Sanders' policies.

Tom Hayden, 1939-2016: A Life of Words and Action

Hayden understood the tidal forces of generational shift and the interplay between our political and private lives.

Chicago’s elections brought a lot of good news for Progressives—and Democratic Socialists

Rahm Emanuel is gone, and a new crop of left-wing city council members is coming to power.

The Choice Ahead: A Private Health-Insurance Monopoly or a Single Payer

If we continue in the direction we’re headed we’ll soon have a health insurance system dominated by two or three mammoth for-profit corporations capable of squeezing employees and consumers for all they’re worth – and handing over the profits to their shareholders and executives.

VIDEO: The Three Biggest Myths Blinding Us to the Economic Truth

Why should Americans be worried about who government is for? Because money in politics causes many decisions to become rigged against average working Americans. It's time we get money out of politics.

Federal Bureau of Prisons covered up visit to CIA torture site

With a looming Trump presidency, the ACLU and many others are gravely concerned with the President-elect’s remarks on the campaign trail regarding the reimplementation of torture.