Friday, July 19, 2019

Understanding Trump

Be prepared. You have to understand Trump to stand calmly up to him and those running with him all over the country.

Pent up Fury Beneath the Bernie and Donnie Phenomena

They are the reason the Bernie and Donnie phenomena are not just 2016 flare-ups — but in the words of Sanders' clarion call — "a political revolution."

Corbyn teaches to embrace change we need

Corbyn teaches that we should embrace the radical transformational change that is needed to inspire people to take action and shift the realm of the possible.

America last

Will Trump set a record for the history books?

It’s the base, stupid! – the know-nothing swamp drives toxic politics

We can’t have a know-nothing president without an ongoing know-nothing base. The "other swamp" is a multitude willing to forego life-improving deliverables for endless, smoke and mirror wedge distractions.

This is how Medicare for All will save lives

The current administration is, however, moving in the opposite direction, trying to overturn the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which would end coverage for 21 million people.

Don’t rush impeachment: Let non-stop scandals pulverize the GOP brand

The greatest obstacle to progress – an intact, corrupt Republican Party that escapes severe punishment – must be decimated. A criminal lame duck president is the ideal battering ram to produce a lame duck national party.

Over 120 lawmakers call for an end to restrictions on gun violence research

The lawmakers want changes “that could help prevent gun violence while still protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners.”

A Wall Street sin tax

It's time to put the Wall Street tax back on the table.

The big fix: Will the GOP turn to Dems to fix Obamacare?

Democrats must demand clear, popular amendments that demonstrate they are committed to extend the right to affordable health care.