Saturday, December 9, 2023

Containing the catastrophe

With the addition of Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court is as firmly Republican as are the House and Senate.

Who Says Crime Doesn’t Pay?

One more reason Wall Street bankers privately wink and grin at these seemingly huge punishments is that even paying the full $5 billion would only be relatively painful.

How celebrities are reconnecting with their hometowns to boost progressive local candidates

Since its founding in 2017, the Hometown Project has helped more than 125 down-ballot candidates stand out.

Bernie and colleagues introduce Make Billionaires Pay Act

“As our country faces vast economic and health needs, billionaires continue to display their appetite for greed.”

America’s real red scare

The slow-motion collapse of the American Empire.

Nina Turner’s loss is oligarchy’s gain

The victory of a corporate Democrat over a progressive firebrand did nothing to resolve the wide and deep disparity of visions at the Democratic Party’s base nationwide.

The upcoming battle over US student debt cancellation

President-elect Biden will be able to cancel nearly all student debt without congressional approval. If he refuses, organized debtors are preparing to strike.

States Repped By Energy Science-Denying Republicans Leading Way on Wind Power

These Republicans have supported legislation that has helped finance wind investments, but have also adopted Republican dogma on climate science.

What happened to Trump’s pledge to close this billionaire loophole?

The president's pledge to roll back a hedge fund loophole has mysteriously vanished from his tax plan.

Just 27 billionaires have spent $90 million to buy GOP Congress: Report

"They're counting on that 'small' investment in anti-tax Republicans to save them billions in taxes," said Americans for Tax Fairness, which conducted the analysis.