Sunday, July 5, 2020

How many people will die for each rich American’s Trumpcare tax cut?

Trump and the other Republicans who support this bill share something in common: their personal tastes may be expensive but, for them, the lives of most Americans are insignificant and cheap.

The Outrageous Ascent of CEO Pay

It's time we start pushing companies to put less money into the hands of their CEOs and more into the hands of their average employees. Not only will it create more jobs, it will actually help corporations.

Arizona Senator introduces bill to protect Grand Canyon from future uranium mining

“Thank you to Senator Sinema for the introduction of legislation to protect one of the country’s greatest treasures, the Grand Canyon.”

A Wall Street sin tax

It's time to put the Wall Street tax back on the table.

For Sale: Obscene Monuments to Mammon

The trophy mansion is the most ostentatious game of billionaire one-upmanship yet.

How special elections could cost the Republicans

This week, Georgia heads to the polls. Last week, the GOP in Kansas barely earned a win.

House Democrats demand Trump State Department turn over ‘secret plan’ to slash Social Security...

"Social Security is here for Americans for times exactly like the ones we face today. It is time we strengthen it. This attempt is ludicrous."

Court Rules NSA Bulk Spying Illegal: New Vindication for Snowden, and Uncertainty for PATRIOT...

The NSA’s collection of millions of U.S. citizens’ phone records is now illegal for them to possess. This ruling comes at a time when the Patriot Act is soon up for renewal.

EU Glyphosate Rebellion Gathers Strength as Health Commissioner Shocks Pesticide Industry

This move by France and their EU partners will hit the biotech giant Monsanto and other large pesticide companies which rely on glyphosate-based herbicides for a large percentage of their global profits.

Former NY State Assembly Speaker Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison

Other former officials from New York that are due for sentencing include New York State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and New York State Sen. John Sampson.