Wednesday, November 14, 2018

GOP marks international labor day by pushing death of mandatory overtime

Meanwhile Democratic lawmakers participated in demonstrations on Monday–to protest President Trump’s policies toward immigrant workers.

This must be a dream!

As long as a majority of us keep thinking that it is OK to have this Military Industrial Empire, and it only needs a bit of tweaking, are falling for the hype and spin.

An orgy of unnecessary cruelty

Trump is embarking on an orgy of cruelty for absolutely no reason.

Trump advisors plan to privatize native lands to tap into oil rich reservations

The incoming president has picked climate change deniers and pro-fossil fuel bigwigs for cabinet positions.

21 Numbers to Know About the 2016 White House Race

New facts, figures that help explain the presidential election.

The climate threat posed by right-wing populism’s rising tide

European nationalists are not excited about the Paris Agreement.

The calm before the storm? What is it, how long will it last?

Are we Americans in the calm before a storm? What lies ahead for the people of this country?

Corbyn teaches to embrace change we need

Corbyn teaches that we should embrace the radical transformational change that is needed to inspire people to take action and shift the realm of the possible.

Pushing Carbon Tax and Fracking Ban, Sanders Lays Down Gauntlet on Climate

"I hope that Secretary Clinton would join me if we are serious about climate change, about imposing a tax on carbon on the fossil fuel industry and making massive investments in energy efficiency and sustainable energy. And by the way... I hope you’ll join me in ending fracking in the United States of America."

Key Trump donor stands to profit from order to approve Keystone XL, Dakota Access...

The industry finds itself in a state of elation.