Wednesday, February 8, 2023

‘Stonewall’ Sessions leads the charge of the Trump brigade

The attorney general's testimony before the Senate intelligence committee was more smoke and mirrors.

New York cancels Democratic presidential primary and takes Sanders off the ballot

Bernie Sanders’ campaign advisor, Jeff Weaver calls this decision a “blow to American democracy.”

In blow to GOP narrative, Missouri cut to jobless benefits not boosting hiring

“It’s almost as if the pandemic unemployment benefits weren’t the issue.”

The time to act is now: Stop Kavanaugh!

“It’s about time we’re heard – and not just heard, but action is taken."

Guns, germs, and smoke

Campaigning on Planet A.

‘Congress didn’t ask for a summary:’ Demands to #ReleaseTheFullReport surge after Barr letter

"Congress didn't ask for a 'summary,' Attorney General Barr. Members of the House voted 420-0 to release the report. The American people deserve to see the full report."

As wildfires rage, Trump administration plans to slash fire science funding

“A wildland fire (budget) cut is a human health cut.”

Professor predicts record-breaking voter turnout for 2018 midterm election

"It's probably going to be a turnout rate that most people have never experienced in their lives for a midterm election."

To create system that puts ‘patients ahead of profits,’ Sanders unveils Medicare for All...

"All Americans are entitled to go to the doctor when they're sick and not go bankrupt after staying in the hospital."

Chicago’s Taxpayer-Funded Ode to Robber Barons

Even though George Pullman was a feudalistic 19th-century profiteer, he considered himself a beneficent employer as he suppressed the wages of his factory workers. In current times, is our tax money going to finance a monument for his greed?