Sunday, May 19, 2019

How Your Used Clothes Can Help Malala Change Girls’ Lives

Donated garments are helping aid the Malala Fund’s efforts to ensure girls around the world get the education they deserve.

The right-wing attack on Medicare for All

The campaign of lies continues.

The Trump-Putin meeting and the fate of the Earth

The imminent meeting between Trump and Putin will affect the chances that the young people we love – and so many others around the world – will have a future.

Bernie Sanders responds to Trump’s border wall address, debunking president’s lies about immigration

Sen. Bernie Sanders called out the president for lying to the American people and creating a false crisis at the border.

Progressive Briefing for Friday, August 31

Corporate profits reach new heights, Trump cancels pay raise for federal workers, Canada rescinds Trans Mountain pipeline approval, and more.

Trump and Cruz’s Terrifying Responses to the Brussels Attacks

While Trump calls for the legalization of torture and the closure of our borders, Cruz calls for mass patrolling of Muslim American neighborhoods and an end to “political correctness.”

Can we stop pretending now?

Donald Trump is a bullshit artist of the first order. Yet all art reflects the time in which it’s produced and Trump’s art is no exception.

‘They will not forgive us’

Donald Trump welcomes in the age of “usable” nuclear weapons.

Debate: Jeremy Corbyn, antisemitism and the British media

It is the Labour party’s hesitation on this point, and Corbyn’s history of pro-Palestinian activism and criticisms of Israel, that have proven so problematic.

The uses of a well-regulated militia by an unregulated president

Where will the National Guard be sent in 2019?