Wednesday, February 8, 2023

This Trump hire is hazardous to your health (and not just your Medicare)

With this choice, Trump's made it clear that his campaign was a lie.

Faced with ‘baseless political lawsuits,’ Biden extends student loan payment freeze

"This is a welcome step towards stimulating the economy and providing some economic relief to millions of Americans."

In a historic first, Senate advances bill to end US support for illegal war...

Wednesday’s vote sets the stage for a possible final vote on the measure within days, and has been seen as a rebuke of President Trump’s handling of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Groups Ask Clinton For “Unequivocal Statement” On Lame-Duck TPP Vote

“Your continued leadership is sadly necessary as President Obama refuses to abandon this unpopular deal.”

The great depression, coronavirus style

Crashes, then and now...

Key Sanders supporter on loving—and criticizing—the Democratic Party

Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner talks about being disinvited to the DNC, racism in America, and grassroots leadership.

Neoliberalism, Russian interference and Mexico’s upcoming election

After almost 25 years of austerity and failed neoliberal policies, the gap between the majority of Mexicans and the country’s obscenely wealthy elite has only widened.

Two parties: Two countries

Can we heal this? I believe so, given honest effort and compassion, two qualities crucial for our future as a country, and as a free people.

Environmentalists tie Trump’s hands on deep-sea mining

A federal court settlement requires the government to assess the impact of strip-mining the ocean floor before issuing exploration permits to companies.

Scotland Yard investigating sexual assault claims against Harvey Weinstein

Weinstein has reportedly entered rehab in an attempt to lighten his sentence in the face of multiple impending international sexual assault and rape investigations.