Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Government Run Like A Business Led To Lead In Flint’s Water

You might have heard that there is lead in Flint, Michigan's water.

Unjust and Dysfunctional: Asylum in the UK

In its current, intensely bureaucratic form, the asylum process – particularly for people who are frightened of official agencies with their endless forms and impersonal approach – is at best intimidating, at worse dysfunctional.

How unaccountable institutions are shaping your life

Three centers of power increasingly dominate our lives: The Supreme Court, the Federal Reserve, and Big Tech.

‘Best president’ now really deserves Mt. Rushmore

"So, not only do we individually deserve Mt. Rushmore, the Trump family merits this historic engraving set below: “Trump now, Trump tomorrow, Trump forever.”

The gig is up: Rep. Deb Haaland introduces bill to make Uber & Lyft...

Haaland’s legislation would place that burden entirely on Lyft, Uber, and other multinational corporations employing large numbers of so-called independent contractors in the gig economy.

Wind power gives Oklahoma schools a lifeline during budget cuts

In rural districts short on resources, wind farm revenue can clearly make a huge difference.

The Anti-Empire Report #149

So why then does the American power elite hate Putin so? It can be dated back to the period of Boris Yeltsin.

Sanders: The Struggle Continues

Endorsements and convention bounces don’t guarantee victories. Sanders can’t deliver his supporters or guarantee their enthusiasm

‘What we must do’: Following Obama eulogy for Lewis, Bernie Sanders backs call for...

“President Obama is absolutely right,” said the former Democratic presidential candidate from Vermont.

Signs of America’s demise, and one way to survive

Finding a compromise between capitalism and socialism.