Tuesday, April 23, 2019

California governor proposes nation’s longest paid family leave

Newsom and his administration proposed six months paid family leave, the nation's longest if approved.

Nickel and Dimed in 2016

It seems wrong in a society as wealthy as ours that a person working full-time can't get above the poverty line. You can't earn a living on the minimum wage.

CEO Who Raised the Price of Life-Saving Drug 4000 Percent Arrested for Fraud

Martin Shkreli, "the most hated man in America", has been arrested on charges of security fraud, unrelated to his price gouging.

2 Pipelines to Mexico Approved by President Obama

The Obama administration has quietly approved two pipelines that go from Texas to Mexico.

Tobacco industry donates millions to try and defeat Medicaid expansion in Montana

"Voters in Montana have a simple choice: side with companies that kill or with Montanans who need access to healthcare.”

What Does It Take to Survive Where You Live?

A new report concludes that current federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour doesn’t come close, anywhere in the United States.

On Fracking, Clinton And Sanders Give Vastly Different Answers

"My answer is a lot shorter," Sanders said. "No. I do not support fracking,"

Can Trump, Scorning Campaign Wisdom, Do the Impossible — Change Gears?

Must Hillary Do More Than ‘Be Presidential’ & Avoid Epic Blunders? How Long Will Trump’s Hot-air Entertainment Balloon Stay Aloft? Do Cheap Shots, Empty Sloganeering and Selfie Stardom Inform a Triumphant Nationwide Campaign?

‘Do as I say, not as I do:’ Rand ‘socialized-medicine-is-slavery’ Paul headed to Canada...

The "irony of it" was just too rich that he would travel to Canada, which enjoys a socialized, single-payer healthcare system, to have the procedure performed.

TPP Is Not a Trade Fight—It’s a Fight for Democracy

The more we know about the Trans-Pacific Partnership the more we see what a raw deal it is for your democratic rights. It's time for a comprehensive movement to restore a forward-looking people's politics.