Sunday, January 19, 2020

‘CNN is truly a terrible influence on this country’: Democratic debate moderators pilloried for...

“This is an unusually vile performance by CNN,” tweeted Rolling Stone contributing editor Matt Taibbi.

That expression Trump keeps using

It doesn’t mean what he thinks it means.

The big loser in the Iowa debate? CNN’s reputation

One really does get the impression that if CNN were holding a debate on the Titanic, the first question would literally be about rearranging the deck chairs.

Big data, big oil and white supremacy: Unveiling the dark forces behind Trump’s 2020...

In his new solo performance piece “The Truth Has Changed,” the “Gasland” director raises an alarm: The Democrats are ill-prepared for Trump’s oncoming misinformation campaign.

Vote like your life depends on it: Iran (video)

We must stand up and let our voices be heard. #FightToVote #NoWarWithIran.

CNN’s Sanders hit piece doesn’t pass the smell test

Sanders is clearly alarming powerful elements of America’s ruling elite.

‘Awesome, brilliant, necessary’: Seattle bans foreign-influenced corporations from spending in local elections

"It is possible to take on powerful corporations and win. Just look at Seattle."

Bernie calls for vote in Senate for No War Against Iran Act

“We must end our endless wars.”

Biden, Buttigieg and corporate media are eager for Sanders and Warren to clash

Keeping eyes on the prize this year will require a united front that can strengthen progressive forces, prevent any corporate Democrat from winning the party’s presidential nomination, and then go on to defeat Donald Trump.

Citing dark money fears, coalition raises alarm over ‘zombie’ FEC during pivotal 2020 elections

“It is beyond belief that in this presidential year of enormous consequence, the nation’s campaign finance enforcement agency is defunct.”