Sunday, July 5, 2020

Trump touts long-shot, can’t-lose gambit: ‘How to overcome a rigged, corrupt election? Just Trump...

Honor is due: Time to Make Elections Fair Again. MEFA! Won’t be any harder than building that friggin’ wall.

Investing social security trust funds

The beneficiaries should be able to decide either through a vote or a transparent representation system which companies they want to invest in.

The aggressive Defense Space Strategy

“The plan is in motion, the U.S. is leading the pack to weaponize space, and ever so ‘innocently’ accuses its primary competitors of doing what Washington itself is doing.”

Ro Khanna and Barbara Lee could defy “the madness of militarism” as co-chairs of...

Such destructive patterns can’t be effectively challenged while deferring to hidebound party leaders.

Bernie: Cut Pentagon by 10% to invest in education, health care, and housing

“And when we talk about real change it is incredible to me the degree to which Congress continues to ignore our bloated $740 billion defense budget—which has gone up by over $100 billion since Trump has been in office.”

Massive case of denial: COVID surges in US, tops 10M globally, as Pence touts...

“This has just been a massive case of denial, of idiotic government policy, of the lack of any strategic planning, any really specific strategic goal."

If America doesn’t reverse its current course, we are headed for a national meltdown

We have to get all sides involved on the same page, talking to each other about how these crises can be brought to an end.

To shift funds from ‘endless wars’ to ‘human needs,’ Sanders unveils amendment to slash...

“It is time for us to truly focus on what we value as a society and to fundamentally transform our national priorities.”

Progressives must fight with — and in — the Democratic Party

The last thing we need are fresh examples of powerful politicians opting for self-serving actions over democratic principles.

What will it take to defeat Trumpism?

Learning lessons from the end of the Confederacy, Nazi Germany, and Saddam’s Iraq...