Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Trump’s platform planks

“I made a list of the top 25 planks of Trump’s platform. Did I miss any?”

Parents and teachers nationwide join together demanding Congress pass $250 billion bill for current...

“When the coronavirus pandemic began, parents, teachers, and child care providers stepped up.”

As Trump sows chaos, Sanders and Schumer call on McConnell to hold public hearings,...

“We believe this issue is above partisan politics,” the senators wrote to the GOP Senate Majority Leader.

Beware corporate Covid propaganda

CEOs say they’re cutting their own pay in solidarity with laid off or hurting workers — only, not really.

Trump’s climate denial gains strength if we’re in denial about his neo-fascism

Climate change is an emergency. And so is Trumpism. Flames are approaching what’s left of democratic structures in the United States.

Taking the next knee

Is this athletic revolt for real and is it a danger to Donald Trump?

Another step towards real democracy

At least some of us are open to change...

How a dire shortage of poll workers imperils American democracy

COVID-19 exacerbated the shortages of poll workers that states and counties already face in every election.

No democrats allowed: A conservative lawyer holds secret voter fraud meetings with state election...

“That kind of closed-door session, where a head of the Civil Rights Division is secretly speaking about enforcement with partisan state officials, is unprecedented."

What comes after the “American Century”?

America needs to negotiate the multipolar world order with China now — not few years later, when China will be convincingly stronger than the U.S.