Monday, March 20, 2023

Israel’s liberal supporters are taking their denial to a new level

“Netanyahu is subverting Israel’s democracy” while advancing “a plan to completely strip the independence of Israel’s Supreme Court.”

‘Class war’ erupts at hearing as union leader and GOP senator exchange verbal blows

Bernie Sanders declared at the conclusion of Wednesday's hearing that "there's a class war going on whether we want to recognize it or not."

Sound the alarms; someone let the crazies out and they’re now occupying the US...

This is no joke, it’s not the least bit funny, it shows that this country is in deep, deep trouble.

Democrats implore Biden to reject ‘callous and inhumane’ migrant family detention

"Putting children and their parents behind barbed wire to deter them from seeking safety should shock the conscience of every American who believes in fairness, safety, and basic human dignity for all people."

Why student debt cancellation is reasonable, not radical

The right has narrowed the parameters of discussion on student debt forgiveness, and President Biden is not fighting back aggressively enough. We should, in fact, center the idea of fairness in this debate.

Trump dead-ends the perfect rightwing storm: his nomination augurs party, cult and personal train...

Trump’s most notable, if disruptive, historic feat: single-handedly demolishing one of two national parties running U.S. politics for 175 years.

Make Republicans great again?

Nikki Haley's diet-MAGA problem.

New 1% stock buyback tax better than nothing, but won’t fix systemically-broken capitalism

Right now, inequality is as predictable as another decade of authoritarian Republican politics—banish the thought.

Capitalism’s Conclusion, Part I: What the Ohio train derailment exposed

The recent derailment of trains in East Palestine isn’t just a once-in-a-generation environmental disaster, it's what will continue to happen when profit is put above public health.

Why Biden snubbed China’s Ukraine peace plan

President Biden and his coterie of neo-conservatives have no interest in peace if it means the U.S. concedes hegemonic power to a multi-polar world unbothered from the all-mighty dollar.