Friday, December 6, 2019

“They’re killing us like dogs” – A massacre in Bolivia and a plea for...

Writing this dispatch from Bolivia, the conflict here is spiraling out of control and I fear it will only get worse.

Americans are to be the judge and jury, and pass sentence on Trump –...

The American people will be given the task of acting as judge and jury, examine all the evidence gathered; and then pass judgment, to declare Trump innocent or guilty.

A return to feudalism? The aftermath of Bolivia’s coup

This coup is a disaster, and besides Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, no major North American politician has pushed back against it.

Big pharma keeps bankrolling house GOP’s dark money arm

Pharmaceutical companies stand to lose big under a single-payer system, since it might enable the government to negotiate lower drug prices.

The war on words in Donald Trump’s White House

These days, witnessing the administration’s never-ending cruelty at the border, the shenanigans of a White House caught red-handed in attempted bribery in...

New report on FBI spying shows need for congressional investigation

The FBI is very good at finding reasons to spy on people.

Why is there so much wrong in our society?

A battle is taking place, between those forces in the world that are wedded to the old ways, and a dynamic, global movement for social justice, environmental action, peace and freedom.

Sanctimonious US senators condemn Hong Kong police ignoring far more brutal US cops

“I salute the Hong Kong students for their passion and courage in demanding democratic rights and freedoms in their city.”

Don’t just focus on Trump’s crimes at home

Trump’s war on the law extends beyond flouting Congress and packing courts — overseas, it extends to arguable crimes against humanity.

The real deal with Medicare for All

Any Medicare for All is better than our present system.