Friday, July 23, 2021

What should progressives be insisting on?

This is going to be a list, borrowed from other lists...

The existential threat from the non-stop barrage of right-wing sedition

Long term democratic states are, by any known measure, the great exceptions, not the historic rule.

Biden signs new executive order aimed at food and farming sector

President Biden signed an executive order that will protect American farmers under the Packers and Stockyards Act against abuses suffered at meat...

11 charts on taxing the wealthy and corporations

The raging debate over public investment financing has created a huge opening for long overdue fair tax reforms.

The verdict on Republicans? Guilty as charged, on all counts

It has sold its heart and soul to gain power and control.

In defense of the American Empire (gasp!)

While the U.S. has abused its hegemonic powers, it has also been possibly the most benevolent empire in history.

Carlos Lazo: The Cuban American leading the charge to transform U.S.-Cuba policy

“Everything you do to make the world better helps to make the world better.”

Warning against ‘Exxon infrastructure deal,’ progressives say jobs package must center climate

“Enough negotiating with Republicans pushing environmental injustice. We should be the ones the Biden administration prioritizes at the table.”

America’s accountability problem

Is anyone responsible anymore?

UK High Court grants US permission to appeal ban on Assange extradition

“The U.S. government should have accepted the Magistrates’ Court’s decision —instead, it keeps this case going.”