Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The 7 biggest failures of Tumponomics

Trumponomics has exploded the deficit, hurt ordinary Americans, and lined the pockets of the wealthy and corporations.

‘The DNC is on the wrong side of history:’ Challenged by activists, Tom Perez...

"Not even our so-called 'leaders' are courageous enough to tell the truth about the emergency we are in. Climate isn't one issue, it's every issue."

The Supreme Court nixes corporate contributions for the 2020 campaign

The justices refused to consider a challenge to a longstanding ban on corporate donations to political campaigns.

US election meddling extends to Britain

In a recording leaked to the Washington Post, Pompeo assured a group of Jewish leaders in Britain yesterday that the U.S. government would “push back” against Corbyn becoming prime minister.

Serving the Empire & NOT the People!!

Eric Holder, former Attorney General under President Obama, was being interviewed by that 'bulldog' of a reporter Chris Cuomo on his CNN ...

EPA moves to fight states’ power to deny dirty energy projects

The new guidelines threaten the division of state and federal authorities in order to please the fossil fuel industry.

Bernie urges McConnell to bring $15 minimum wage bill to Senate floor

“Workers in America have seen 40 years of wage stagnation.”

Trump core exposed: Lies & insults ‘tell it like it is’

Everything false, nasty and slanderous that Trump projects on others – whether more honest, smarter, principled or well-read – redounds on his own abysmal character.

Will the Trump USDA deliver on the dietary guidelines for Americans? Our new report...

The bottom line is this: if it is important to ensure the guidelines are evidence-based, it is essential to recognize that even evidence-based guidelines are only as effective as their implementation.

‘Corruption in plain sight:’ Jared Kushner firm took in $90 million from unnamed foreign...

"It was one of the only assets that Kushner retained and it continues to collect foreign investors without transparency."