Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Trade policy won’t work for workers till it works for women

The Biden administration needs to adopt a gender and social inclusion framework for future trade negotiations and agreements.

How Trump’s attempted coup could still succeed

Their point is to cast further doubt on its legitimacy and justify additional state measures to suppress votes and alter future elections.

Under pressure from victims’ families, Biden orders release of 9/11 documents

Last month, nearly 1,800 family members told the president to stay away from anniversary events unless he ordered the declassification of documents.

Afghanistan and the Purdue Pharma case are reminders that the US is a failed...

The Sacklers said they wanted “global peace” from future lawsuits, and they got what they wanted. Meanwhile, in the failed narco-state they helped create, the war goes on.

Who’s raking off all your awful office meetings?

Understanding Corporate America’s structural greed.

Protect the filibuster or preserve our democracy, which shall it be?

The time for procrastination is over. What shall it be, protect the filibuster or preserve our democracy?

The new Republican Supreme Court

Today’s cruel and partisan Supreme Court is squandering what remains of its authority.

Is billionaire philanthropy a sham?

America doesn’t need their charity. We need them to pay their fair share in taxes.

Biden’s revenge: Fueling ‘madness of militarism’

The president’s pledge of revenge in Afghanistan was a prelude to yet another episode of what Martin Luther King Jr. called “the madness of militarism.”

‘They’re going to lose,’ says Sanders as corporations mobilize against $3.5T bill

"We will expand Medicare to provide dental, vision, and hearing coverage to benefit seniors, not to pad the profits of healthcare industry CEOs."