Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Analysis spotlights the lasting pain inflicted by Reagan’s Social Security cuts

Life expectancy in the U.S. fell during the same period that a Reagan-era law raised the retirement age by two years.

Progressives urge Senate dems to ditch tradition that’s allowing GOP to veto Biden judges

"Senate Democrats should eliminate every barrier possible" to confirm President Joe Biden's judicial nominees, said Indivisible.

Facile answer to made-up MAGA blight

Bottomless is this vicious pit –/ No lunacy they won’t commit.

Four corrosive ‘bad myths’ batter America until unifying ‘good myths’ regain prominence

History depicts the battle between “bad myths” that divide, even destroy, vs the “good myths” that speak to the grandeur of the American experiment.

New bill terminates vaccine requirement for air travelers to US

The argument against the bill states that this could put "American health care at risk."

McCarthyism, then and now

When it comes to this era’s McCarthyism, don’t for a moment think that the debt ceiling is the only ceiling that could end up in the dust of history.

Sanders proposes ‘New Deal for journalism’ to ensure media serves public interest

His proposal to ensure the news media acts in the interest of the general public and not wealthy corporations and powerful interest groups.

Comic relief from Mike Pence, as if delusion, deflection, and cowardice will redeem lost...

Pence looks more like the walking, even staggering dead, having now neutralized his one and only courageous Senate action.

The massive roadblocks standing in the way of American greatness

Can the America of today be considered one of the greatest nations in the world?

‘Race to the bottom’: GOP has introduced 72 educational gag orders so far in...

"They have outdone one another in a race to the bottom, finding new, more extreme, and more conspiratorial ways to impose censorious government dictates on teaching and learning."