Thursday, May 13, 2021

Meet the socialist marine and anti-police brutality protester who won Democratic seats in November

Can the emergence of non-traditional candidates help revive a faltering Democratic Party that is facing its lowest approval rating in nearly a quarter century?

Four years after Eric Garner’s killing in police chokehold, his family still seeks accountability

Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who applied the fatal chokehold, continues to work for the New York Police Department on paid desk duty and has received multiple raises since Garner’s death.

If Ever America Needed A People’s Political Revolution It’s Now

The U.S. is in desperate need of a revolution in order to restore the nation’s democracy and if Bernie Sanders is elected president this very well might happen. “This government is so thoroughly controlled by special interest campaign funding, so inept and dysfunctional, that it needs to be completely overhauled.”

No Refuge: Unless Solutions are Found, the Global Refugee Problem Will Only Get Worse

It is human nature to react to crises in the moment rather than look for long term solutions but there is no doubt that the current system of housing people in tent cities, detention centers or demanding that they return home is both cruel and unsustainable.

One of the Most Iconic American Food Companies Now Supports GMO Labeling

Campbell’s Soup says it will label its products on its own if a national standard is not set.

These unsigned comments supporting a gas exports rule are recycled industry copy-pastes

Roughly two dozen of of the 89 comments were directly copy-pasted from either industry itself or else pro-industry materials written by the DOE or Congress.

Raising our paddles

Climate change threatens all of us, so we must all act together to stop this.

Muslim Woman Ejected from Trump Rally as Crowd Hurls Epithets

A Muslim woman wearing a shirt which read “Salam, I come in peace” was forcibly ejected from a Donald Trump rally Friday night as some supporters of the 2016 presidential candidate reportedly hurled Islamophobic epithets at her.

Whistleblowers, moral injury, and endless war

Was Chelsea Manning motivated by moral injury?

Gassing immigrants in detention with a highly toxic industrial disinfectant

The inhumanity of the overlords administering this toxin to their captive victims is little different from that which was punished, often with death sentences, in the Nuremberg Trials that followed World War II.