Thursday, June 1, 2023

Miami-Dade Commissioner Acquitted Despite Failing Sobriety Tests

Although Lyons failed to explain Diaz’s slurred speech, faulty memory, and refusal to take a breathalyzer test if he only had two drinks prior to his arrest, the jury shortly deliberated for a few hours before acquitting the Commissioner.

Saudi women may soon be behind the wheel, but still not in the drivers’...

Though a hard-won victory for Saudi women, we should recognize that the biggest impediment for women has not been the inability to drive.

Former deputy jailer sentenced to prison after assaulting inmate

“The FBI will not tolerate correctional officers who violate a person’s civil rights.”

30+ civil rights organizations call on elected officials to stop Amazon’s doorbell surveillance partnerships...

"Our elected officials must demand answers from their law enforcement officials, and must put a stop to these dangerous practices.”

School vouchers have been a disaster—now advocates are trying to rename them

What you need to know about education savings accounts, a kind of “super-voucher.”

Two police officers charged with illegally selling more than 100 guns

The ATF previously issued a memorandum to Southern California police chiefs warning that sales of illegal firearms have become an “emerging problem” for officers.

Culture war on

I'm certain there is a way we can meaningfully unite, and not in a war against The Other overseas or south of the border.

UC Davis Spent Over $175K to Hide Pepper-Spraying Search Results on Google

Instead of accepting its tarnished reputation, UC Davis chose to remove as many search results of the incident as possible while continuing to increase the tuition of its students.

Trump’s attack on civil rights hero John Lewis over MLK day weekend

The congressman does not plan on attending Trump’s inauguration, along with a handful of Democrats who are boycotting the event.

Nationwide ‘close the camps’ demonstrations announced to protest horrific conditions at Trump detention centers

"We need to fight for immigrant families and stop Donald Trump's racist policies, and we can only do it together."