Thursday, January 17, 2019

Former pharmaceutical CEO pleads guilty to opioid bribery scheme

On Wednesday, former Insys president and CEO Michael Babich pled guilty in federal court.

Canadian police block journalists from covering indigenous pipeline protest

“The provincial and federal governments must revoke the permits for this project until the standards of free, prior and informed consent are met."

Video reveals police sergeant kicking handcuffed teen in the face

“That is unacceptable and intolerable and that’s why we charged him.”

Denouncing focus on violence, women march in France to reclaim anti-austerity message of ‘Yellow...

"Macron your goose is cooked, the chicks are in the street!"

Lawsuit filed against jail officer for shooting inmate with shotgun on video

“At the time of the shooting, Prado was absolutely no threat to any of the corrections officers.”

Upcoming opportunities for the movement

There will be important opportunities in the next few years to advance the movement for economic, racial and environmental justice as well as peace.

Lawsuit filed against cop assaulting unarmed teen on video

“It’s ridiculous for the police to think they have the right to do that to human beings, period, not even my child.”

‘RBG:’ As Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recovers from surgery, a remarkable film charts her...

Despite her illnesses, in her 25 years on the court Ginsburg has never missed a day of oral argument.

Denouncing 7-year-old’s death, UN rights expert demands US halt child detentions

"The culture of cruelty at CBP has only worsened under the Trump administration."

Blackwater announces return as former mercenary found guilty of murder

Blackwater announced their return in a full-page ad in the January/February print issue of the gun and hunting magazine “Recoil.”