Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Disgust greets White House correspondents’ dinner as Israel kills journalists in Gaza

Amid laughter and applause at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, protests outside highlight the stark contrast with the dire situation facing journalists in Gaza.

Violent arrest of Emory Professor spotlights brutality of police crackdown on campus protests

Emory University incident raises alarms: Academic community questions police response to peaceful campus protests amid growing national debate on academic freedom and civil liberties.

Shock and awe at UT Austin as state troopers in riot gear quash student...

An aggressive show of force by Texas state troopers raises questions about the right to peaceful assembly, as students at the University of Texas at Austin face riot gear and arrests during a Gaza solidarity protest.

Migrants tricked by DeSantis scheme gain legal ground with U visas

The granting of U visas marks a crucial step in recognizing the migrants as victims of a potential crime, thus allowing them to legally work in the United States and providing temporary protection from deportation.

Pro-Palestinian campus encampments spread nationwide amid mass arrests at Columbia, NYU & Yale

Solidarity protests and encampments are appearing on college campuses from Massachusetts to California to protest Israel’s attacks on Gaza and to call for divestment from Israeli apartheid.

Green New Deal XXIII: Fixing our broken food system means ending corporate power

We need to rethink how we grow our food in a biodiversity-friendly way that mitigates rather than accelerates the climate breakdown.

New bill expands warrantless spying amid widespread criticism

The U.S. Senate has approved a significant expansion of government surveillance powers, raising alarms over potential violations of civil liberties.

Supreme silence: High court decision curtails protest rights, stifling voices in the South

As the case now returns to lower courts for further proceedings, the national discourse on the limits of free speech and the right to protest continues to evolve.

An urgent plea to leftists in the 6 battleground states likely to decide the...

If we want to remain a country where we still have the ability to agitate for justice and equality, then it’s incumbent on us to vote with that in mind.

Tennessee’s bold move: Arming educators as a countermeasure to rising school shootings

The bill under scrutiny mandates that teachers wishing to carry concealed weapons undergo 40 hours of specialized training, alongside mental health evaluations and background checks.