Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The real reason Disney is defying DeSantis

A corporation does not have morals—it has a bottom line. Disney’s lawsuit against Florida is more about being able to reap profits while underpaying workers than it is about protecting LGBTQ communities.

We must not dance, Harry Belafonte understood, to a billionaire beat

This epochal artist helped us see that justice for all requires a just distribution of wealth.

How a tribal rights lawyer is winning back the rights of nature

Attorney Frank Bibeau found a way to legally protect nature by suing the state of Minnesota in the name of manoomin, or wild rice, sacred to the Ojibwe people.

What’s really behind Republicans’ mounting transphobia?

And why all of us must speak out against it.

BlackRock security, NYPD ‘brutalize’ climate protesters

Eleven out of 75 activists were arrested after storming the headquarters of the world's largest fossil fuel investor with pitchforks and fake oil.

How the people can take down Fox News for good

The network is currently in a very vulnerable position that can be exploited by everyday, ordinary cable customers like us.

‘Disappointing day for women’: Senate GOP filibuster blocks Equal Rights Amendment

"Inequality hurts everyone, and we must not continue to be a nation that harmfully excludes and marginalizes women."

Who gets to talk about how police need to change?

A FAIR study of NYT coverage from George Floyd to Tyre Nichols

How union workers are fighting to save veterans

“It’s hard for veterans to ask for help.”

Seriously auditing the rich makes sense. Seriously taxing the rich can save us.

The affluent gang at Patriotic Millionaires is making the case for an entirely new tax system.