Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The time to secure voting rights is now or never

Unless the Democrats can rally to push through legislation that protects the right to vote now and into the future, elections may cease to matter entirely.

Progressive Briefing for Friday, September 14

15 groups account for nearly all dark money, Trump claim Democrats rigged hurricane death toll, Bezos commits fraction of $163B fortune to help homeless, and more.

A Wisconsin Republican looks back with regret at voter ID and redistricting fights

Republican efforts to impose voter ID laws and redraw election districts both wound up in federal court. Dale Schultz ended 30 years in state politics lamenting the recent displays of partisanship.

Innocent Family Sues NYPD For Kicking Them Out of Home

“It is disgraceful that the city is displacing people from their homes without due process.”

Seeking the true path

If people are not afraid of violence, they are genuinely free to seek their true path.

Ban on Life Without Parole Sentences for Kids Expanded by Supreme Court

The ruling will give thousands of people a chance at parole.

Stooge time for Amerika

Children like NIkolas Cruz, who are mentally ill, will continue to be pushed along by agencies that don't have the resources or staffing to really stop this madness... until the next trigger is pulled!

Reporting curfews through official eyes

For cops, protest is a problem and silence the solution.

Rising inequality affecting 70% of the world

“The rise is far from inevitable and can be tackled at a national and international level.”