Friday, February 3, 2023

Not all insurrections are equal

Rebellions of the enslaved can aptly be classified as insurrections. This much is clear as we debate the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol.

Pentagon doc reveals US lied about Afghan civilians killed in 2021 drone strike

One Amnesty International campaigner called the new report "more evidence that we need a huge change in how the U.S. uses lethal force and assesses and reveals its consequences."

FDA makes abortion pills available in pharmacies and through mail-orders companies

Any pharmacy can provide the pills to patients as long at drugstores and large chains have completed the certification process.

School vouchers have been a disaster—now advocates are trying to rename them

What you need to know about education savings accounts, a kind of “super-voucher.”

Just over 1 in 4 members of Congress in 2023 will be women –...

In order for women to gain half of the seats in Congress, more women need to run, especially on Republican tickets.

After repeated interest rate hikes, IMF warns a third of world will suffer recession...

With the world's three largest economies slowing down, said the IMF managing director, economic conditions will "feel like recession for hundreds of millions of people" this year.

‘Why are these conflicts allowed?’ corporate giving to group tied to Supreme Court sparks...

"You want to 'preserve #SCOTUS history'?'" said one watchdog group. "Hire a curatorial staff. Don't run a pay-for-play."

A year of global displacement

This year’s record-breaking global displacement crisis calls for greater protections and investment by the international community instead of more indifference and cruelty.

Taliban bans women from higher education in Afghanistan

This ban "takes Afghanistan back to the Taliban's first period of rule when girls could not receive formal education."

‘Disastrous’: SCOTUS upholds Title 42 migrant policy during court fight

"As a Covid control strategy, a humanitarian policy, and a border policy, Title 42 has not only failed but caused irreparable harm on a massive scale."