Monday, June 14, 2021

Former police officer sentenced to prison for use of excessive force

“When an officer betrays that oath and violates a person's civil rights, that officer must be held accountable. Our community, and our profession, deserve no less.”

Mumia Abu-Jamal’s spiritual advisor confronts DA Krasner and the FOP

An interview with Mark Lewis Taylor, founder of Educators for Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Leaked video shows Louisiana state troopers killing man in custody

None of the state troopers involved in Greene’s death currently face criminal charges for taking his life.

Palestinian lives matter

We can’t say we support justice and human rights in this country while supporting violence and expulsion abroad.

A progressive revival: Cleveland, Preston and municipal social democracy

One of the progressive left’s goals has to be to empower citizens and this is most easily done at the local level.

Fight for 15 day of action targets McDonald’s

“We are nothing without food workers. Period. I’m so thankful that you all are doing this because it’s important that we really talk about McDonald’s specifically.”

The justice McDonald’s workers seek workers at Spain’s Mondragón have found

We don’t have to organize our economy around enterprises that pay CEOs over 1,000 times what workers make.

Charges filed against police officers for fracturing elderly woman’s arm

“Ensuring public trust in law enforcement and in our criminal justice system is vital to our community’s safety and our fundamental belief in fairness.”

Roe v. Wade gave American women a choice about having children—here’s how that changed...

Analysts on both sides of the abortion debate will be watching closely this fall to see whether the court’s new six-justice conservative majority will weaken Roe v. Wade to restrict the abortion rights of Americans.

Urge Biden administration to cancel student loan debt

Let us join the organizations, activists and lawmakers out there and pressure the Biden administration to help the young adults of this nation be released from the debt acquired while furthering their educations.