Thursday, May 13, 2021

3 police officers resign after fracturing elderly woman’s arm on video

None of the officers involved in Garner’s arrest currently face any criminal charges for breaking her arm while she was already in custody.

The Yurok Tribe is using California’s carbon offset program to buy back its land

n January, the Yurok Tribe in California bought a 40-acre farm. Located next to an elementary school and the tribe’s Head Start program,...

Federal Appeals Court orders EPA to ban toxic pesticide Chlorpyrifos

“This ruling is a huge victory for children and communities across the country who will finally be spared by needless poisonings and lifelong learning disabilities.”

Former Louisiana police officer charged with assaulting arrestee on video

If convicted, Hudson faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in federal prison, three years of supervised release, and a fine of up to $250,000.

American cities have long struggled to reform their police – but isolated success stories...

Mayors and city councils nationwide have also pushed reforms emphasizing accountability and transparency, with many working to create independent oversight commissions.

80 groups blast US interference in Mexico’s phaseout of glyphosate and GM corn

“We call on Secretary Vilsack and Trade Representative Tai, as key leaders in the new administration, to respect Mexico's decision to protect both public health and the integrity of Mexican farming.“

Why workers Memorial Day is a national call to action

“The goal for every one of our team members is to ensure all of our brothers and sisters go home safely to their families each and every day.”

Two NJ cops charged with assaulting innocent teen on video

“Police officers who abuse their positions to exert power over and injure the citizens they are supposed to protect violate our Constitution and erode trust in our public institutions.”

‘A warrant is not a license to kill’: Rev. William Barber condemns police ‘execution’...

The family says it shows Brown was shot in the back of the head while his hands were on the steering wheel of a car, calling it an “execution.”

Media evasions on racism and the role of Derek Chauvin

The main perpetrators and beneficiaries of systemic racism include powerful corporations that sponsor news outlets that have aimed a bright spotlight at this killer cop.