Saturday, May 18, 2024

New era of inequality: Billionaires pay less in taxes than the working class

Economist Gabriel Zucman's analysis reveals that for the first time, U.S. billionaires have a lower effective tax rate than working-class Americans, sparking a renewed debate on wealth tax.

How the infrastructure program builds climate resilience and saves lives

“The ultimate responsibility of the government is to keep people safe.”

Arizona abortion rights face crucial test as Governor Hobbs repeals century-old ban

This legislative change, which has been long sought by advocates, sets the stage for a November ballot measure that could further secure abortion rights in Arizona.

The distortion of campus protests over Gaza

Did the right weaponize antisemitism to distract from Israel's war?

FTC challenges Big Pharma over unfair patents as Sanders applauds regulatory crackdown

The Federal Trade Commission intensifies its fight against pharmaceutical patent abuses, aiming to slash drug prices and increase access to generic medications.

Clash at Columbia: NYPD’s aggressive response to student divestment protests sparks national debate

A peaceful protest at Columbia University turns tumultuous as NYPD officers deploy tear gas and draw weapons, reigniting discussions on campus freedoms and ethical investments.

American campuses erupt in protests over Gaza, drawing harsh police response and national outrage

As students across the U.S. demand university divestment and an end to military aid for Israel, aggressive crackdowns raise alarms about civil liberties.

The true shocking driver of crime in America

So how does inequality provoke criminality?

Journalist faces felony charges amidst violent arrests at Texas University protest

Carlos Sanchez's arrest during a student protest at the University of Texas at Austin highlights tensions over press freedom and police conduct.

FCC restores Net Neutrality protections

The reinstated Net Neutrality protects will "reclassify high-speed-internet access services as telecom services subject to Title II of the Communications Act."