Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Disintegrated Mind: The Greatest Threat to Human Survival on Earth

Like many people who have struggled to understand why human beings are driving the sixth mass extinction event in Earth’s history, which...

Venezuela Embassy Protection Collective defies unlawful ‘no trespass’ order

History will record this as a key turning point in U.S.-Venezuela relations, U.S. violation of a key tenet of international law and most of all, as a heroic example of U.S. citizens doing everything in their power to try to stop a U.S.-orchestrated coup.

Monsanto ordered to pay $2 billion in Roundup cancer lawsuit

“We’ve been fighting cancer for more than nine years now and we can’t do any of the things we wanted to do. We really resent Monsanto for that.”

Cartel drug lord pleads guilty to bribing US federal agent with cash and prostitutes

“Christopher Ciccione abused his law enforcement authority for personal profit."

Former intelligence analyst charged with leaking classified info to reporters

Hale allegedly printed 23 documents, including several files labeled top secret.

New abortion law in Georgia criminalizes abortion after six weeks. Women who do face...

"Bans like this have always been blocked by courts. We will be suing Georgia to make sure this law has the same fate."

Videos reveal California cop slamming unarmed woman to the ground

After the officer slapped the cellphone out of the woman’s hand, her mother attempted to record the rest of the incident on her cellphone as another officer detained her.

New era for the ERA? 35 years later, will Equal Rights Amendment finally be...

A bill by Rep. Jackie Spear would eliminate the 1982 deadline, leaving the ERA just one state away from becoming a part of the U.S. Constitution.

Once defiant, all four white supremacists charged in Charlottesville violence plead guilty

In pleading guilty, the authorities said, two of the defendents admitted their actions were not in self-defense.

Minneapolis agrees to pay $20M to family of unarmed woman killed by police

“There was not a clear threat before the use of force was made. This is not a victory for anyone, but rather a way for our city to move forward.”