Recent Polls Hold Good News for Bernie Sanders


Hillary Clinton may have won the Nevada caucus, but recent polls show Bernie Sanders ahead in several key areas.

First, a new nation poll from Reuters shows Sanders ahead of Clinton by 6 points. Senator Sanders currently hods 41.7 precent of Democratic voters, with Clinton holding 35.5 percent. 22.9 percent of the voters polled said that they wouldn’t vote.
reutersgraphThe poll consisted of 998 voters nationally who identified as Democrats of independents leaning towards the Democratic party.

This is the second national poll to show Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary Clinton within the last week. A Fox News poll last week showed Sanders polling ahead of Clinton by 3 points.  This is great news for Sanders, who was still polling behind Clinton in polls released at the end of January, and virtually tying with Clinton at the beginning of February.

A new MetroNews West Virginia poll shows Sanders ahead of Clinton by 30 points. Sanders is polled at 57% with Clinton trailing at 29%.

West Virginia isn’t even close to a deciding factor in this election. It is a relatively small state with only a modest share of delegates. However, it is a great example of how Sanders has managed to win over a huge portion of white working class voters. As Policy.Mic points out, this is a demographic that “has shown relatively little interest in Clinton so far this cycle and shunned President Barack Obama at historic rates in election cycles past.”

Finally, a Kaiser Health Tracking Poll shows strong opinions in favor of Sanders’ Medicare-For-All health plan. When polled, 6 out of 10 Americans (58) percent were in favor of Medicare-for-all, 34 percent of these were strongly in favor of it. When broken down by political sides, 8 in 10 Democratic voters said their favored it and 6 out of 10 independents favored it.

Figure 4As Super Tuesday approaches and the primary season gears up these polls are good news for the Sanders campaign.


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