Man Arrested for Building Homemade Bomb to Murder Muslims Gets Only 90 Days in Jail


William Celli, the dedicated Trump-supporter arrested for building a homemade bomb intended for bombing a mosque, received a measly 90 days in jail after taking a plea deal.

Celli was caught with homemade explosives in his home in December after an anonymous call came into the police. His entire neighborhood had to be evacuated due to the bomb squad being called in to detonate the explosives.

Previously Celli was witnessed threatening to “kill you all” to the Islamic Society of West Contra Costa County and made several posts on his Facebook regarding his hatred of Muslims. One of the posts stated that he believed the U.S. should “repatriate all Muslims back to their country of origin whether they were born here or not.” Celli is a huge supporter of Donald Trump, whom he says he would “follow to the end of the world.”

Celli’s initial charges included committing a hate crime and making criminal threats, but the plea bargain he made resulted in only one charge, violating the free exercise of civil rights, for which he has to take anger management courses, has 3 years of probation, and can’t have a Facebook page.

The mosque that Celli threatened has increased their security. They have received no additional protection from the police.

So much for making an example out of him.


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