Keystone Pipeline Leaked Thousands More Gallons of Oil Than Originally Reported


Last week TransCanada shut down a portion of their Keystone pipeline due to an oil leak. They estimated that about 187 gallons of oil had spilled.

After examining soil excavations the company is now reporting that nearly 17,000 gallons of oil spilled. The numbers were reported to the National response Center and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Administration.

The leak initially happened last Saturday to a portion of the Keystone pipeline located in Hutchinson County, South Dakota. When it was discovered the line was immediately shut down in order to minimize the leak and find the source.

According to Think Progress, because the oil Canadian tar sands oil, it is more difficult to clean than conventional oil.

The Keystone pipeline, which transports Canadian tar sands oil runs from Alberta, Canada to refineries in Illinois and Oklahoma. Originally there was supposed to be an extension to the pipeline, dubbed Keystone XL. The extension was vetoed last month by President Obama, thanks in part to a massive amount of protest and activism opposing it. TransCanada is fighting the veto in federal court.

The portion of the pipeline affected is expected to be close until at least next week.


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