APA Suggests Boosting Creativity Can Improve Health Efficiently

American Psychological Association, based on recent research, evokes the benefits of creativity on the human mind.


Creativity is highly contagious, the more it is performed, the more it spreads. Ever wondered about the miracles of creativity and art on the human body? The American psychological association highlighted the advantages of indulging in creative activities.

The president of the association said, “If you’re looking for a way to stay healthy apart from the tedious yoga sessions and meditation, then you must start painting.”  He also emphasized on the effects that arts and creativity have on depression.

Not only does it allows people to express their thoughts, but also alleviates brain activity. Another important part of the research was the effect of creativity on the human brain. Usually, when the beginners start painting, they are unable to perform well. But, as the president of APA says, “no artist in the world drew a masterpiece during the initial days. What they truly accomplished at the very beginning was tranquility, content, and satisfaction.

As soon as the person holds the paintbrush and starts to draw, the brain cells accelerate and start reacting to the hormones. Furthermore, the brain acts wisely to craft the best possible masterpiece. Research even says that the human brain imagines situations based on current thoughts. Hence, people often end up painting something that they recently thought of.

Further studies emphasize that the left part of the human brain is the one highly involved in creativity and art. The more a person imagines, the more creative their mind becomes. Moreover, certain neurotransmitters released help in relieving stress, depression and trigger happiness hormones. APA Secretary states that “It would be best to start practicing art during your teenage days for better results.

Later on, some studies regarding the effect of creativity on various neurological disorders were conducted. There are times when people forget to recall the things that they recently kept. American psychological association has concluded that creative people indulged in arts possess stronger memory. Painting boosts memory skills. Owing to the stimulation of brain cells during painting, the memory centers of the brain are active for a longer period. Hence, the person remembers more.

A study published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology also suggested that drawn words are better recalled than written. As the person draws, the visual and motor aspects of the memory trace are perfectly assembled. This leads to a better memory of the things that have been drawn in the entire life.

Final studies of the association based on the confidence levels upon painting state surprising results. For an introvert who has trouble expressing his emotions, drawing has miraculous benefits. By drawing, people can easily elevate their confidence and say goodbye to shyness. People that are constantly involved in drawing, creative activities tend to be better orators and expressers. Even the debaters are highly creative and able to express themselves easily.

The effect of drawing on the brain has some alluring benefits. As the person draws, the brain starts releasing hormones that boost up confidence. The APA research scholar says that “photo portraits, drawings as well as sketches are the best way to show gratitude towards others. Also, this is the best method of communicating if the person can’t speak his feelings out loud. It enables you to get out of your comfort zones and think out of the box.” Further, it also helps people who are suffering from autism and such verbal disorders.

Overall, the study conducted by APA has led to a change in the perspective of people regarding creativity. The association also emphasizes on indulging in such activities for a salubrious body and mind.

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