U.S. Navy veteran speaks out about being attacked by Trump’s secret police in Portland this past weekend

It isn't about me getting beat up. It's about focusing back on the original intention of all of these protests, which is Black Lives Matter.


Christopher David, a 53-year-old disabled U.S. Navy veteran who was brutally attacked by one of the unidentified federal police in Portland, Oregon this past weekend is speaking out about the incident and his experience. 

He says he had traveled to the local protest to ask these personnel directly who they were after being angry over their deployment by President Trump. 

A video clip of him confronting this federal police and being attacked by them has gone viral. According to Common Dreams, the assault caught on film by local journalist Zane Sparling—and as of this writing viewed more than 9.6 million times on social media—shows David withstanding several blows from one office before another pepper sprays him in the face from close range.

“I was enraged simply because I did not think they were taking their oath of office seriously or they were compromising their oath of office. So I actually went down because I wanted to talk to them about it,” says David. “I stood my ground at that point and just stayed there … I did nothing provocative. They just started whaling on me with batons, and I let them. I probably could’ve taken a lot more baton blows if they had not sprayed pepper spray all over my eyes.”


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