‘Vote Trump Out’ Daniel Ellsberg video

"I urge you to vote."


“It’s frightening and outrageous that we live in a country where Donald J. Trump may win a second term. He’s counting on progressives who don’t vote this time or who vote for a third party. These are people who want to vote their conscience but say ‘my conscience will not let me vote for Joe Biden.’ My advice to them is — get a second opinion. We live in a country that is where it is either Biden or Trump, it’s a two-party system. There is no political activity that could be more important than assuring that Donald Trump is clearly removed from office. And those two reasons are the climate problem, where we must stop the increase in emissions which is taking place under Donald Trump and which he is accelerating, and we must save democracy from someone who not only doesn’t respect it but doesn’t want it. As a leftist, and antiwar and antinuclear activist for half of a century, I share all of the left-wing criticisms of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. That means that I expect to have a lot of oppositional activity ahead of me in the next four years whoever is president. I want Joe Biden to oppose as a president in my activist activities rather than Donald Trump. The chance of having some influence on his administration is just incomparably greater than the zero chance of influencing the Trump administration on this. I do await the ability, the chance to vote for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but as of now we have an opportunity to vote Donald J. Trump out of office. It is urgent not only for America but for the world that we do our part in that. I urge you to vote, I urge you to vote for Joe Biden with all his limitations. Visit VoteTrumpOut.org.”


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