NationofChange was created because we didn’t think that progressive groups and news outlets were doing enough to cultivate real change in our country and abroad. We believe that meaningful change can only come about through dedicated people with effective strategy. As a result, the concept of a three-pronged approach to change was born.


The first step towards enacting change is to identify the critical issues affecting our democracy, highlight the strongest independent voices, and expose the truth not only of the obstacles we face but solutions and victories as well. At NationofChange we report 24/7, bringing our readers the best in progressive ideas and independent journalism.


NationofChange accepts no advertisements or corporate financing. We are directly funded by donations from the public that we serve. We believe this distinction is essential to the production of reliable journalism and truly independent thought, and your support makes it possible for the type of alternative media we provide.


If one person can make a significant difference then a community of determined people can change the course of history. It is this philosophy that NationofChange is putting into effect via our evolving community tools. We provide a home for progressives to write, share, blog, coordinate, and relate to one another. We are working hard to continue to find new ways to deliver people to each other.


When properly focused and coordinated, activism can be one of the most effective ways to enact change in our world. To this end NationofChange provides a platform for our readers and other groups to take meaningful action on the issues that matter most with our petitions and pledges.

In addition to this, NationofChange reports on grassroots causes highlighting victories and helping our readers find out how to get involved.