Friday, July 12, 2024

Tag: Corporate America

Corporations that pay their executives more than Uncle Sam

Tesla, Ford, Netflix, and T-Mobile are among scores of profitable U.S. firms that pay their top executives more than they pay in federal taxes.

Will the Golden Age for corporate shareholders ever end?

Shareholders have assumed enormous influence over U.S. corporations over the last few decades. Despite their firm hold, shifts are underway that could alter the domestic corporate landscape.

Green New Deal XXIII: Fixing our broken food system means ending...

We need to rethink how we grow our food in a biodiversity-friendly way that mitigates rather than accelerates the climate breakdown.

A class analysis of the Trump-Biden rerun

Is the solution to move beyond the employer-employee organization of the workplace?

Is it inflation? Or is it ‘greedflation?’

Inflation is dropping, but prices aren’t coming down. So how can this be?

Unveiling the titans of carbon: How 57 companies drive the global...

The quest to curb emissions becomes not just a matter of individual or national effort but a pressing need for accountability at the corporate level.

Who’s to blame for out-of-control corporate power?

The public is waking up to the outsized power corporations wield over our economy and democracy. It’s about time.

Some new hope for a check on CEO compensation

A Delaware state court ruling has shaken up the pay world for corporate executives.

Your employer can now match your student loan repayments as 401(k)...

When someone makes a student loan payment, their employer can contribute that same amount of money to the employee’s retirement plan under Section 110 of a federal law known as the SECURE Act 2.0.

Sick of outrageously excessive CEO compensation?

America’s top health care execs would rather we not.


Take the best cognitive test, Joe. Ace it—then fortify support, win nomination, then slam/shame...

Are we all not flying blind with two geriatrics on display (though the right-wing cares not at all).

Inside China-focused Congressional hearings, panic, paranoia, and hypocrisy reign

China is not a threat because it’s threatening our security—China is a threat because it’s successful.

IRS reclaims over $1 billion from wealthy tax evaders in under a year

New IRS funding from the Inflation Reduction Act targets wealthy tax dodgers, reclaiming over $1 billion in unpaid taxes.

Sen. Peter Welch calls for Biden to step aside amid concerns of Trump victory

Vermont Senator Peter Welch urges President Joe Biden to withdraw from the 2024 race, citing potential harm to Democrats’ chances and concerns over Biden’s age and performance.

Ocasio-Cortez files impeachment articles against Justices Thomas and Alito amid ethics scandals

Liberal Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduces impeachment articles against Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, citing undisclosed gifts and conflicts of interest.