Thursday, May 13, 2021

Tag: endless war

Contrary to what Biden said, U.S. warfare in Afghanistan is set...

The U.S. war in Afghanistan won’t end just because President Biden and U.S. news media tell us so.

Is the long war finally ending?

Withdrawing several thousand U.S. troops from Afghanistan is just the tip of the iceberg.

America’s longest war winds down

For one thing should be clear by now: over the course of the nation’s longest war, the American Century breathed its last.

Moving on from the War on Terror?

Checking in after six months...

War in Syria: 10 years and still counting

Despite a decade of battling and a wrecked country, al-Assad remains immovably in power on military help from Iran and Russia.

It’s almost twenty years since 9/11

Can we finally stop marching to disaster?

Spilling ink and spilling blood

Fighting and writing against America’s forever wars...

Ready or not, here they come

A military spouse’s perspective on bringing the troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq.

“The bleeding wound”

Osama bin Laden won (twice)...


A pesticide linked to brain damage in children could finally be banned

A court has ruled that the EPA must ban the controversial pesticide chlorpyrifos—or prove its safety.

What America can learn from China—Lessons from the pandemic

While the China model cannot be transplanted to the West, there’s a lot that America can learn from China.

Fracking 101: What you should know

Modern fracking emerged so quickly, faster than its impacts were understood.

In blow to NRA, federal judge dismisses group’s bankruptcy case

The judge ruled that the powerful gun lobby declared bankruptcy in an attempt to avoid facing a New York state lawsuit that accuses the organization of fraud and seeks to disband it.

Corporate media oppose Afghan control of Afghanistan

Establishment reporting over the future of Afghanistan after Biden’s announcement demonstrated the imperialist mindset of corporate journalists.