Saturday, February 24, 2024

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Fossil fuel footprint: Corals reveal industrial pollution’s deep sea impact

New study uncovers historical pollutants from burning fossil fuels in Mediterranean corals, highlighting human influence on marine ecosystems.

LNG exports: Profit for speculators, cost for consumers and climate

"Record LNG exports drive up home heating prices for Americans, and line the pockets of fossil fuel CEOs."

Corporate promotion of carbon capture and storage contradicts science, study finds

Report shows oil and gas companies are spreading confusion over the science of climate change solutions, leading to “misguided” ideas behind CCS use.

California pension funds have billions invested in fossil fuel companies named...

The two funds are resisting pressure from legislators and activists to shed their gas and oil holdings.

Toxins from Marathon refinery fire leaked 15 hours before evacuation called

Documents reveal air monitoring detected carcinogens from burning petroleum; residents with respiratory issues file lawsuit.

Fossil fuel companies ask Hawaii Supreme Court to dismiss Honolulu’s climate...

Honolulu has sued Big Oil over the costs of adapting to weather extremes—including bigger fire risks.

Wealthiest 10% of Americans responsible for 40% of U.S. greenhouse gas...

“In this way, we could really incentivize the Americans who are driving and profiting the most from climate change to decarbonize their industries and investments."

Analysis details how Wall Street underwriting quietly funnels billions into fossil...

"Underwriting is a huge missing piece of net-zero transition plans, allowing big U.S. banks to continue to help fossil fuel companies raise billions of dollars with limited scrutiny," said one campaigner.

This database exposes the client conflicts of more than 1,500 Big...

New group reveals that hundreds of schools, municipalities, nonprofit organizations, and more are paying lobbyists who also represent the fossil fuel industry.

Proposed pipeline expansion could upend three states’ climate plans

“These XPress projects are putting millions of cubic feet of gas into the United States at a time when Texas is baking and Oregon is burning.”


Chaco Canyon’s future: a pledge for environmental justice and tribal rights

Amid environmental concerns and cultural significance, the Honoring Chaco Initiative aims to transform the Greater Chaco Landscape, but real progress remains in limbo.

Diet’s hidden dangers: Unveiling PFAS in everyday foods

A groundbreaking study reveals how processed meats, teas, and restaurant meals could be stealthily elevating PFAS levels in our bodies, shedding light on the unseen chemical consequences of our dietary choices.

Chicago sues Big Oil for climate deception and damages

Chicago is targeting industry giants such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, Shell, ConocoPhillips, Phillips 66, and the American Petroleum Institute for their alleged long-term misinformation campaign.

Biden administration’s strict anti-migrant policies spark outcry

"Within a badly broken immigration system, the humanitarian assistance provided by Annunciation House is one of the few things that works well. We in El Paso stand with the faith leaders and volunteers who lead this work and make us proud to call this border community our home."

Capital One announces plan to buy Discover

Capital One announced a definitive agreement under which the company will acquire Discover in an all-stock transaction valued at $35.3 billion.