Thursday, February 22, 2024

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What if Trump peaks in March, then staggers when a myriad...

What if the loser who scorns “losers” turns out to be the greatest loser in U.S. history?

DeSantis rejects GOP bill for taxpayer-funded legal aid to Trump amid...

The bill, filed by Sen. Garcia, was designed to support presidential candidates from Florida, including Trump, in their legal battles.

Super PAC’s $500K boost for Haley in NH: A bid to...

In New Hampshire, a state known for its open primary system, this financial push is seen as a strategic move to bolster Haley’s visibility and appeal among independent voters.

GOP rejection of Hunter Biden’s public testimony offer sparks democratic outcry

Democratic leaders criticize House Oversight Republicans for declining Hunter Biden's offer to testify publicly, exposing the tension and political drama within the ongoing impeachment probe.

GOP’s twisted priorities: Israel aid bill paves the way for wealthy...

Does the latest move from the GOP fits neatly into a broader pattern of policy decisions that prioritize military spending and the interests of the affluent over social welfare and justice?

Texas GOP’s disturbing ties to antisemitism: A symptom of a deeper...

Is the development in the Texas GOP a stark warning that the battle against hate is far from over?

Mike Johnson’s war on the vulnerable: proposed trillions in cuts to...

Stripping the safety net: how GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson's draconian proposals to cut Social Security and Medicare betray America's most vulnerable.

‘Unbelievably cruel’: GOP pushes astronomical cuts to education, housing, and food...

"The same party who provided $2 trillion tax giveaways to the wealthy wants to slash funding for WIC, devastating women and children," said Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore.

House GOP unveils budget with trillions in cuts to medicaid, food...

The Republican proposal would cut federal discretionary spending by nearly $5 trillion over the next decade.

Trump’s RICO indictment proves the GOP is beyond saving

The depth of criminality within the Republican Party – both among its elected officials and its operatives – is truly unprecedented.


Chicago sues Big Oil for climate deception and damages

Chicago is targeting industry giants such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, Shell, ConocoPhillips, Phillips 66, and the American Petroleum Institute for their alleged long-term misinformation campaign.

US and its politicians defend Israel’s occupation and civilian casualties in Gaza at International...

As the international community awaits the ICJ's verdict, the U.S. position underscores the complex diplomatic landscape surrounding the Israeli occupation and the search for a sustainable peace solution.

Is America great enough to learn great lessons from great Trump debacles?

Either we learn from failures (threats, disruptions, chaos, illegality) or we invite being buried by them.

Biden is forgiving another $1.2 billion in student loan debt starting today

As loan servicers process their forgiveness, they will see their debts discharged from their accounts.  

Alabama court shocks nation: Frozen embryos declared children, threatening IVF

The case originated from an incident at a fertility clinic where frozen embryos were destroyed due to unauthorized access and mishandling.