Friday, November 24, 2017
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Tag: police violence

Court rules that deputy can be sued for shooting downed man...

“An officer has the right to terminate the threat, but not terminate the person.”

Three cops arrested for beating innocent teen and covering up attack

After reviewing the unedited video during Aguilar’s trial, the judge dismissed the charges against the innocent teen.

Our ever-deadlier police state

“We need an effective system of crime prevention and control in our communities, but that is not what the current system is.”

District Attorney asks FBI to investigate police detective assaulting nurse

“That’s not the way we treat people in our city.”

Video: Cop assaults and arrests nurse for refusing to draw blood

Although Payne has been suspended from the department’s blood draw program, the abusive detective remains on active duty while under internal investigation.

Video reveals deputies torturing restrained teen with stun gun

Those involved have been placed on administrative leave while an investigation is conducted.

Trump’s call for police brutality is no joke

Donald Trump's call for police brutality was not his first public incitement to violence.

Fox News host: “Police brutality was exaggerated”

Greg Gutfeld: “Police brutality was exaggerated. I believe it's exaggerated...”

Police kill innocent man while serving warrant at wrong address

Lopez had no criminal record and the officer's account of events doesn't fit with eyewitness accounts.

Body cam video shows cop shoot tail-wagging dogs

The Minneapolis police say that officers will now receive additional training for encountering dogs on possible burglary calls.


Bernie Sanders is now backing Randy Bryce – which could be very bad news...

Sanders’ endorsement of Bryce comes at a time when the former union organizer and steelworker is rising in the polls in his bid to unseat House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Respect existence or expect resistance

“It’s time that we take responsibility for our own lives … that we create a world which gives us the power to act, instead of hoping that other people will solve problems.”

Congressman apologizes for nude selfie

Barton announced his re-election bid earlier this month and has no intention of resigning.

Costa Rica runs 300 days on renewable energy

Costa Rica has achieved something incredible and shown the rest of the world what’s possible with renewable energy.

The rules according to Trump

Women rise against centuries of assault and sexual harassment. Yet a man accused of such crimes remains in the White House.