Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Tag: police violence

Mexican police officers sentenced to 25 years for murdering journalist

The former mayor and deputy police chief remain in hiding along with many of the other officers suspected of murdering Sánchez.

Video shows off-duty officer punching unarmed man

“They should have terminated him, quite frankly. I mean, period.”

Former cop charged with assaulting unarmed jaywalker on video

Hickman was charged with assault by strangulation, assault inflicting serious injury, and communicating threats.

Cops killing kids has got to stop!!

Offing unarmed adults is bad enough.

Suppressed body cam video shows cops beating innocent unarmed man

No criminal charges have been filed against the Topeka Police Department for suppressing the footage or the prosecutors.

Police shoot and kill 6-year-old boy in San Antonio suburb manhunt

6-year-old Kameron Prescott was inside the trailer when the shooting started.

Former officer sentenced to 20yrs in prison for killing unarmed man

“Officers who violate anyone’s rights also violate their oaths of honor, and they tarnish the names of the vast majority of officers, who do incredible work."

March demands justice for teen who accuses NYPD officers of rape

“When you’re under arrest and you’re handcuffed, you’re put into a police minivan and you’re with two officers over 6-feet tall and over 200 pounds, there can’t be consent.”

Court rules that deputy can be sued for shooting downed man...

“An officer has the right to terminate the threat, but not terminate the person.”

Three cops arrested for beating innocent teen and covering up attack

After reviewing the unedited video during Aguilar’s trial, the judge dismissed the charges against the innocent teen.


Former police sergeant charged with excessive force and falsifying report

If convicted of the falsification of records charge, Sgt. Robert George could receive up to 20 years.

Democrats side with banks and approve Volcker Rule Regulation Harmonization Act

From lobbying disclosures, it shows that American Bankers Association have lobbied on the Volcker Rule in both the House and Senate this past year.

A plutocratic coup

We tend to believe that plots to overthrow the government are totally foreign to our national character. But we do do coups.

Why the DNC is fighting WikiLeaks and not Wall Street

With eyes on the prizes from corporate largesse, DNC officials don’t see downsides to whacking at WikiLeaks and undermining press freedom in the process.

Federal Court rules against Trump administration’s attempt to rollback Corporate Average Fuel Economy targets

The court's ruling upheld the higher fine currently in place for automakers who manufacture "gas guzzlers."