Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tag: police violence

A leap towards justice: The nationwide call to end no-knock warrants

Four years after Breonna Taylor's tragic death, a bipartisan effort emerges to transform police protocol and honor her legacy by proposing a nationwide ban on no-knock warrants.

Virgilio Aguilar Méndez is facing murder charges for an officer who...

An officer died of a heart attack while attacking Virgilio Aguilar Méndez; now Aguilar Méndez is facing murder charges.

21 bodycam videos caught the NYPD wrongly arresting Black kids on...

Police have frequently used that power to withhold footage, not only from the public, but also from civilian investigators.

Atlanta’s legal showdown over the ‘Stop Cop City’ movement

A critical legal battle unfolds as Atlanta seeks to overturn a ruling allowing nonresidents to participate in a controversial referendum on a police training center.

How police have undermined the promise of body cameras

Hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars have been spent on what was sold as a revolution in transparency and accountability.

Militarized police unleash tear gas on peaceful Stop Cop City protesters

Activists face aggressive response while opposing construction of controversial "Cop City" training center in Atlanta.

NYPD ‘friendly fire’ killed an officer. Investigators seemed to ignore video...

New records show that investigators allowed police misstatements to stand, despite having body-camera video to disprove them.

‘Police lied’: Video belies Philly cops’ claim in fatal shooting of...

"In my view this is a crime against humanity, to be perfectly truthful."

Who gets to talk about how police need to change?

A FAIR study of NYT coverage from George Floyd to Tyre Nichols

Taking a hard look at police killings

Can re-imagining city budgets make our communities safer?


An urgent plea to leftists in the 6 battleground states likely to decide the...

If we want to remain a country where we still have the ability to agitate for justice and equality, then it’s incumbent on us to vote with that in mind.

Global uprising: Protests erupt worldwide against economic support for Gaza conflict

The wave of protests swept major cities across the globe, with significant disruptions reported on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, downtown Los Angeles, and key transport routes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Wizz Air commits to cutting-edge eco-friendly fuel made from human waste

Turning Waste into Wayfare: Discover how Wizz Air is propelling the future of flight with its groundbreaking move to fuel planes with a resource as ubiquitous as human waste. A clean sky is no longer just a dream but a destination.

‘Should be a global wake-up call’: Coral reefs suffer fourth mass bleaching event

This phenomenon signals a dire warning about the escalating impacts of climate change on these vital underwater ecosystems.

Donald Trump faces groundbreaking criminal trial as first former U.S. President in the dock

With jury selection underway, the world watches as this unprecedented trial unfolds, potentially reshaping America's political landscape.