Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Tag: pollution

French oil company Total ‘knew about global warming impact in 1971’,...

“Total is fully aware of the fact that each of its activities can generate pollution that may affect the equilibrium of nature.”

Majority of directors of world’s top insurance companies tied to polluting...

Analysis found links to Exxon, Koch Industries, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, raising concerns about a potential “revolving door,” one campaigner said, between the insurance and fossil fuel industries.

How to turn off the tap on plastic waste

Erica Cirino’s new book, Thicker Than Water, examines the plastic pollution crisis — and its solutions — from oilfield to landfill.

EPA to curb HFCs, severe climate-damaging pollutants used as coolants

Scientists estimate that a global push to reduce HFCs could avoid a half degree Celsius of global warming over this century.

EPA announces new plan to regulate wastewater pollution with updated guidelines...

"Importantly and for the first time, EPA is committing to limit PFAS in wastewater discharges.”

Coca-Cola biggest offender of all branded pollution on UK beaches, new...

"Serial offenders including Coca-Cola—which tops the leader board year on year as the worst offender—are still not taking responsibility."

Widespread plastic pollution harming young turtles

“Relatively few young marine turtles survive their first year, so it is imperative that we reduce threats to ensure the long-term survival of these extraordinary species.”

From pollution to performance wear: Fair-trade clothes made from 100% ocean...

“My motto is: there’s already so much plastic out there, why are we making more? There’s so much we can be pulling from. It’s already a resource; we just have to get it.”

Blister pack pollution

We should probably go back to the system of using deposits for bottles of all sorts.

Investigation: How the meat industry is climate-washing its polluting business model

Growing global meat consumption threatens to derail the Paris Agreement, but that hasn’t stopped the meat industry insisting it is part of the solution to climate change.


Bogus “rugged individualism” corrodes our social fabric, fueling violent protest & pandemic mayhem

Either “rugged individualism” is exposed as a mistaken, scam mythology, disrupting and exploiting what’s good for the many -- or we face something closer to “rugged extinction.”

Oklahoma Supreme Court puts temporary hold on 3 abortion laws due to go into...

“All of these laws have the same goal: to make it harder to get an abortion in Oklahoma.”

Don’t believe corporate America’s ‘labor shortage’ bullshit. This is an unofficial general strike.

What’s really happening is more accurately described as a living-wage shortage, a hazard pay shortage, a childcare shortage, a paid sick leave shortage, and a health care shortage.

Minneapolis cop charged after killing innocent man with patrol car

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office announced that Officer Brian Cummings has been charged with felony counts of second degree manslaughter and criminal vehicular homicide.

Personal interview: Abby Martin what are the prospects for peace?

Abby Martin is an American journalist, TV presenter and activist who continues her work opposing imperialism and promoting peace, as an independent filmmaker and journalist.