Saturday, October 1, 2022

Tag: Robert E. Lee

Tweeter-in-Chief versus the wisdom of Robert E. Lee

If only we had a leader with such self-effacing wisdom today, when bigots feel newly empowered to incite civil strife in our nation.

The virtues of tearing down statues depends on where they are...

Remembering history's good; celebrating it, not so much



This one thing made Alex Jones stop lying 

It turns out there actually might be a way to stop the constant stream of lies coming from the right-wing media. Sue. Them.

Texas the biggest culprit in toxic waterway discharge in US, report finds

Texas is the No. 1 state in the U.S. for discharging of toxic pollutants into streams, rivers and lakes. 

The urgent climate case for defunding the Pentagon

Is it finally time to defund war?

New study finds ‘forever chemicals’ in rainwater

Water quality guidelines deem rainwater is now unsafe to drink.

The climate movement was built for a world before climate change—it’s time for a...

We need a mass movement that can deal with climate disasters by training people to both protect and mobilize their communities.